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Share your knowledge....

Share your knowledge...
It is a way to achieve  morality
- Dalai Lama

What you can write?
  • * Grammar (Any chapter)
  • * Common mistakes in English 
  • * New words
  • * How to read
  • * Speaking English Tips
  • * Daily writing tips (how to write a letter, paragraph, article, easy, email etc)
  • * Case study (University students hand note any subject.) (See Example Article)
  • * General Knowledge on any topic
  • * school, college, and University information  (See Example article)

We check

  • * Article must be unique (copy paste not allowed)
  • * Article must be Handwritten (spinning article is not allowed)
  • * Spelling mistake and grammatical error is not allowed 

How to send your article?
Just Write your article in Word document and send me by email. 
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Thanks for understanding.

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