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Life History of HAZRAT ABU BAKR (R.), the first khalifa of Islam

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Life History of HAZRAT ABU BAKR (R.)

Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.), the first khalifa of Islam was born in 573 A.D. in the Tayim class of the famous Quraish tribe of Makkah. His real name is Abdullah while his laqab (title) are ‘siddiq’ and ‘Atiq’. Right from his early years, he had cultivated intimate friendship with the Holy Prophet (S.). Among the adult Muslims, he was the first to have embraced Islam. He used to keep constant company with the Holy Prophet (S.) in weal and woe, dangers and depression. He spent all his resources in the battle of Tabuk.

Such an example of spending all means for the erection of truth and justice is very rare. Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.) had deep faith and confidence in the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.). No sooner had he heard about the events of Miraj (ascension of Prophet (S.) to Allah’s court above) from the Prophet’s holy mouth, he believed in them unquestioningly. So he was styled the most faithful. Such complicated issues as the election of khalifah after the Prophet’s (S.) demise, his funeral, and burial, his successor etc. were rightly settled by means of the Prophet’s precepts as reported by him. As a result, the Muslim community escaped an inevitable crisis and disorder.

On his election as Khalifah he addressed the crowd thus— “You shall obey and follow me as long as I obey Allah and His Rasul (S.). And if I tread the wrong path you shall rectify me. Those poor among you are really strong to me as long as their rights are not restored. And those who are strong, they are weak before me till the share of the rightful claimants is not realized from them. The reign of Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.) is an ideal example for all rulers of all ages. Some problems cropped up in the Islamic State following the Holy Prophet’s demise. Some arose as fake Prophets, some refused to pay Zakat, still, others renounced Islam. Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.) confronted them very firmly and saved Islam and the Muslims from an expanding crisis. We likewise should conduct the state-affairs with firmness and sagacity to save the land and nation from disorder and chaos.


Many memorizers (Haffaz) of Al-Quran embraced martyrdom in the battle of Yamama. As there arose an apprehension of the extinction of Al-Quran, he gathered scattered portions and had them bound up in book form. For this epoch-making successful measure, he has been styled as the ‘Savior of Islam’. Even after his election to the post of Khalifah, Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.) used to carry on his private trade. He used to earn his own bread.

Subsequently he used to accept meagre allowance form the Bayt-Al-Maal (state treasury) only on persistant request and pressure of the community. in spite of being the Khalifah of the Muslim state, he showed such caution in spending the state resources as deserve be to models for imitation by all kings, monarchs and heads of states.’, ‘HAZRAT ABU BAKR (K.) the first khalifa of Islam. Now lets we know about another models of Islam Hazrat Umar (R.), The Second Khalifah of Islam  and  Hazrat Uthman (R.) The Third Khalifah of Islam.

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Life History of Hazrat Umar (R.), The Second Khalifah of Islam

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Hazrat Umar (R.), the second Khalifah of the Muslim world, was born in the Addiya clan of the Quraish tribe in the city of Makkah in 583 C.E. The name of his father is Khattab & that of his mother is Hantama. He was educated, polished & of honest disposition. In his youth he was a wrestler, brave warrior, poet & orator.

Hazrat Umar (R.) Conversion To Islam

In the early phase Hazrat Umar (R.) was an arch enemy of Islam. One day he was on his way with an open sword in hand to kill the holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.). On the way he came to know that his sister Fatima & her husband Sayid had become Muslim. He reached their home in order to kill them and assaulted them severely. He forced them to renounce Islam but they would better die than give up Islam. Such rigidity on their part moved him differently. He became restless to embrace Islam.

He reached to the presence of holy Prophet (Sm.), put his sword by his feet & said, “Is the invitation you are offering true?” The holy Prophet (S.) said, “Yes.” Then & then Hazrat Umar (R.) embraced Islam & said, “No secrecy anymore; from now onwards let us offer Salat openly.” The holy Prophet (S.) became highly pleased & gave him the title ‘Faruq’ meaning one who differentiates between Truth & falsehood. He accepted Islam in the 6th Hijri year at the age of 33. Hazrat Umar Faruq (R.) was a dedicated servant of Islam. He ungrudgingly spent his riches for the preaching & spread of Islam. He offered in the way of Allah half of his total wealth for the Tabuk expedition. We too shall be bold like Hazrat Umar Faruq (R.), tread the right path & speak the truth.

Upright Judge OF Hazrat Umar

Hazrat Umar Faruq (R.) was the personification of fairness & justice. On legal issues he would never discriminate bctwecn rich & poor, high & low, friend & foe. He punished his own son Abu Shahma very severely for the offence of taking wine. l-lazrat Umar Faruq (R.) was democratic-minded. Fle used to consult the companions of Rasulullah (Sm.) important on political issues & attached importance to their opinions.


After his assumption of the charge of Khilafat in 634 C.E. Hazrat Umar’s human qualities became more glowing. He would remain very alert in respect of what is true & what is false. He set up the department of police & espionage for gathering information about the condition of all subjects. For better discipline he made provision for compulsory leave of soldiers after every four months. lie arranged for digging canals for agricultural development. He used to roam about in alleys & lanes in the cover of darkness to see for himself the conditions of the people. On hearing the cry of hungry children he personally carried flour to the poor woman’s door-steps. He took along his wife to a nomad’s tent to help his wife in her childbirth. No such benevolent ruler can be found in all the history of kings & monarchs. Benevolent Hazrat Umar (R.) was the great model of equality & humanity.

He introduced the provision of receiving public complaints against government officials on Friday at Jumua prayer time. Taking advantage of this a man lodged a complaint against him (Khalifah) saying that while none else could have one shirt made out of the cloth distributed from the Baytul Maal, how come that the Khalifah himself has put on a shirt made of it. Abdullah (R.) the Khalifah’s son thus replied on behalf of his father, “I offered my share of the cloth to my father & so my father has a full shirt made for him.” In our country too the government employees would be as well upright if provision can be introduced for ensuring accountability. Hazrat Umar (R.), the second Khalifah of Islam.

In this page we have learn about Hazrat Umar (R.), the second Khalifah of Islam. Now lets we read a short article about the Life History of HAZRAT ABU BAKR (R.), the first khalifa of Islam and Life History of Hazrat Hazrat Uthman (R.), The Third Khalifah of Islam.
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Life History of Hazrat Uthman (R.), The Third Khalifah of Islam

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The third Khalifah of the Muslim world was Hazrat Uthman (R.). He was born in 576 C.E. in the Umayyah clan of the Quraish tribe of Makkah. From his childhood, he had been extremely polite, gentle & bashful. In arts & letters also he was unique. The Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.) got two of his daughters, Ruqayyah & Umme Kulsum (after the death of one daughter) married to him. For this, he is also called Zun Nurayin (Owner of two Nurs).

Hazrat Uthman (R.)

Hazrat Uthman embraced Islam at the age of 34. His uncle Hakam subjected him to various tortures due to this. He bore all the persecutions. When the tortures by his kins had become intolerable he migrated to Abysinia with his wife Ruqaiyyah, daughter of Holy Prophet (S.).


Hazrat Uthman (R.) was a Leading rich man in Arabia. He acquired these riches by trade. On account of this, he was also called Ghani (rich). After accepting Islam, he would spend his wealth ungrudgingly in the service of Islam. He had bought a well for 18,000 (eighteen thousand) dinars (gold coin) & as charity endowed it (Waqf) for removing the sufferings of the inhabitants of Madinah. lie distributed food as relief among the inmates of Madinab when famine had broken out there.
To extend the Masjid-i-Nababi as there was a scarcity of accommodation, he purchased the land adjacent to the mosque and managed its extension. He took upon himself the burden of expenditure of (10,000) ten thousand soldiers, just one-third of the total (30,000) thirty thousand deployed for the Battle of Tabuk. Moreover, he alone had donated 1000 camels in order to strengthen the forces of this battle undertaken against the Roman rival forces. Besides these, he had also contributed seven horses & 1000 dinars to the personal fund of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.).
Hazrat Uthman (R.) had profusely donated his wealth to the path of Allah (Islam) as lavishly Allah the Most Gracious had bestowed upon him. In this respect, he is a model for all rich people of all ages.


Arabs of different regions used to recite Al-Quran in their respective dialects. 1)uring Hazrat Uthman’s (R.) khilafat, the Muslim empire saw further expansion. Due to this, there arose among the Muslims much confusion on the issue of the recitation of Al-Quran. Consequently there arose the apprehension of dignity among the Muslims. Hazrat Uthman adopted a quick measure realizing the gravity of this situation. He sent for the written copy of AL-Quran that Lay in the custody of Hazrat Hafsa (R.), Urnmul Muminin. He had a committee formed with Hazrat Zayid Ibn Thabit (R.) as its chief. The other members of the Committee were
Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Zubayr (R.), Hazrat Sayiclbn Al-Aas (R.) & Hazrat Abdur Rahman Ibn Harith Ibn Hisham (R.). In the 30 Hijri years corresponding to 651 C.E. further, seven copies were reproduced in the light of the copy at Hazrat Hafsa’s (R.) custody and thereafter had them sent to various administrative headquarters of the empire for popular use. This standard copy of Al-Quran is called the ‘Mashaf-i-Uthman’. As a result, Quranic recitation in a single &uniform style was introduced globally. For this unique act, Hazrat Uthman had been further styled as Jamiul Quran’ (Gatherer, collector, compiler of Al-Quran). The correct copies of Al-Quran are reproductions of the Mashafi-Uthmani.

Life History of Hazrat Umar (R.), The Second Khalifah of Islam

What is Science?

We are taking great advantages of science every day. but most of us don't know the Definition of Science or What is Science? Now I will discuss science and scientific method in brief.
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What is Science?

Many of us do not know the definition of science. Before reading science, I think its very necessary to discuss science and scientist. So lets we know what is science? what is a scientist? who is scientist? 

The word "Science" comes from Latin word "scientia", which means "knowledge". Science refers to a system of acquiring knowledge. The term science implies organized knowledge obtained from the observation of the animals and materials around us. This specialized information has been enriching human knowledge. In fact, knowledge of the unknown universe is science.

So This system uses observation and experimentation to describe and explain natural phenomena. The term science also refers to the organized body of knowledge people have gained using that system. In a word, we can say that Science is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe. At present, "science" most often refers to a way of pursuing scientific knowledge, not only the knowledge but also often restricted to those branches of study that seek to explain the phenomena of the material universe.

What is Scientist? / who are scientist?

We all see/observe the diversity of events which occur around and in our environment. But there are some people who do not give up their inquiry after observing it but seek to find out an answer why and how the events occur or try to reveal the mystery of the universe through regular process of experiments. Dedicated, inquisitive and creative men who always work for the welfare of mankind are called scientists.

Generosity, modesty, firmness in the search for truth, creativity, tolerance and above all philanthropy are the characteristics of a scientist. Their contribution to the service of mankind cannot be denied. Innumerable people of the world are indebted to the scientists. So, we can say that Scientist is that person who does not give up the inquiry after observing the events which occur around in the environment. Every scientist follows the scientific method to take a decision. A scientist is a person who is an expert in science, especially one of the physical or natural sciences.

Purpose of science/scientist:

The purpose of science is to develop the lifestyle and produce useful models of reality. Every scientist always try to do something better. As for example, we can say that the invention of Mobile phone has made easy our communication system. Every scientific investigations use some form of the scientific method. You can find out more about the scientific method here.

Importance of the Culture of Science

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Development and progress of science are indispensable for mankind. Food, clothing, housing, medicine, education, agriculture, industry, transportation, communication, exchange of information, management of information, procurement of natural resources and their preservation, space-research etc.-in all these areas, culture of science is essential. Nature has come under human control as a result of continuous success of science in all these fields. New successes of science has to be brought about in order to protect the huge population and to face the unknown future.

Some examples of scientific success of the last few centuries are presented below. During the middle of the 18th century in England new mills and factories were established with the help of steam engine and various kinds of machine. This era is called the age of industrial revolution. With advanced transport system goods can be distributed easily. As a result, demand for the goods and their sale increased. Scientific inventions were accelerated. Thus, in physics atomic theory, quantum theory and theory of relativity emerged. Immense advancement in air travel, space travel, atomic energy, electronics has opened a new horizon for human civilization. Man has set up artificial satellites in the space in order to acquire various knowledge about space.

As a result man has set foot on the moon's surface and rockets move from the planet to planet. Again artificial satellites have made remarkable contribution to weather forecasting and easy communication. Use of electronic equipments and computers have made human life easy, beautiful and enjoyable. Advancement of medical science in the treatment of patients, invention of penicillin, improvement of current medicine to destroy insects, fungus, production of medicines for procreation of plants and animals, use of microbes for preparing preventive medicine, application of new technique in food-processing are all gifts of science.

With the help of science mechanical plough or tractor, pump for irrigation, spray machine for spraying medicine to kill harmful insects, insecticides have been invented. Biochemistry and cell theory have been making efforts to overcome and cure cancer on the basis of knowledge of the chemical action and structure of a cell. Gene theory related to generation of species has been developed. It is now possible to produce high quality and quantity of jute and paddy. Improvement of crop and livestock depends on initial selection of crops and animals of advanced variety and bringing about generation expansion.

As a result knowledge of good food and maintenance of health have improved and life expectancy has increased. Livestock has improved through cross-breeding of local and non-local cows which can adjust under unfavorable circumstances. Hence, learners have to be made curious about material and animal world. In order to improve science, to maintain balance of nature, to grow more crops, to maintain a long healthy life, to make human life happier, the young generation should devote more and more to the culture of science.

Science and Technology for the Development of Civilization

The use of science in some form or other began at the early stage of civilization. Various inventions of science took place; some out of necessity, some out of curiosity and often accidentally. In the primitive age man used to eat uncooked meat and was ignorant about the use of cloth. In course of time fire was discovered and he learnt to eat cooked food. In the absence of cloth he used to wear leaves and bark of trees. Use of stone and metal like iron etc. began in later stage.

When he learnt to make weapon by sharpening blunt stone, the technological era began. The words 'science' and technology' are used widely now-a-days and they are the key to development of any country and any nation. But what is the difference between science and technology? The scientists investigate and make research about various objects and incidents of nature- as a physicist, a chemist, a botanist, a zoologist does.

On the other hand a technologist uses the discovery of science for human welfare, as a doctor, or an engineer or a weather scientist does. A doctor treats a patient with the help of knowledge, medicine, equipment etc. discovered by science. Still question arises, do science and technology contribute only to the welfare of mankind ? In answer to this question it can be said that science and technology create new problems along with doing human welfare. Yet, most of the problems involving science and technology were created due to their misapplications, most of which can be avoided by their proper use. Due to development of medical science man is getting rid of many diseases.

In some countries, the food production is not increasing at par with the increase of population. As a result they are facing food shortage and their standard of living is not improving. We must remember that due to inappropriate application of technology, environment is being polluted and wastage of wealth and energy is taking place. Under the circumstances, we have to tackle these problems through proper application of science and technology so that they may not crop up again. I think from this above discussion every learners will be clear about science, scientist their works and their purpose.

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Importance of Reading World History for the people.

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History is a part and parcel of our life.  Many learners does not know the importance of reading history? So they frequently asked that why is history important? So now I'll discuss about the importance of reading history?

Importance / Usefulness of Reading World History

History is an account based on the truth of the evolution of human society and civilization for which the importance of History is limitless as a branch of knowledge. The study of History helps us understand the present and the future in the perspective of the past. As a result of the study of History it is possible to get the prediction of misfortune and well being that are about to occur to us and in our country. Therefore, the study of History is very much essential for the interest of the country and the nation, and also for personal need.

Increases our knowledge and self-dignity by reading History:

The factual account of the past helps to increase the periphery of knowledge of human beings. And, if this account is about one\'s own country, about all struggles and wars of the nation, about glorious heritage, then it can imbue the nation with patriotism. At the same time, it helps to become self-determined and self-confident. In that case, the study of History does not have any alternative to steadying/ strengthening nationalism and national solidarity.

Increases awareness by Reading World History:

Knowledge of History raises awareness among people. Man can understand difference between the good and the bad if he can know the causes of ups and downs of different human communities and the causes of the development and downfall of civilization. As a result he remains conscious of the consequences of his activities.

Educates through examples:

The practical importance of History is unlimited. Man can learn lessons from the instances of past events by studying History. The lessons learn from History can be applied in the present need. History teaching through examples is called Educative Philosophy. The knowledge that is acquired by studying History is the best lesson for our practical life. The study of History enhances the capacity of our judgment and analysis which helps to form philosophical outlook. Consequently, there grows an interest in acquiring and inculcating knowledge.

What is Knowledge?


Knowledge, simply to say, has originated from the word Know. When anyone starts knowing one thing after another about something, he/she starts his journey to knowledge. Indeed man’s life on the earth is a journey to gain world knowledge.

Then knowledge is the collective form of various learning. We can compare knowledge to a tree and all the branches of the tree are various learning. Each branch is one kind of particular learning for example, one knows how to catch fish. And it is one of the branches of the whole tree. It depends on the person how many learning’s he/she has and thereby builds up his/her knowledge tree.

Definition of Knowledge / What is Knowledge?

In a word we can say that Knowledge is the information and skills which is acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject or subject matter.

Almighty Allah has given us brain. As we have brain we can have own knowledge. Man is superior to animals due to this knowledge. This wonderful Civilization was created through knowledge only. By his knowledge man started growing crops, making houses, making arms to fight animals and enemies. By his knowledge, he invented many things in the field of science and technology.

In the field of science man has invented too many tools for living easily and comfortable by his power of world knowledge. In the field of medicine man has invented so many medicines to control fatal diseases, which were considered incurable in the old days when epidemics spread and claimed so many lives. But by his knowledge man has changed all this. In the development of communication and entertainment which were never thought of in the past are gifted by the knowledge of man. But negative aspects of this knowledge are also there.
So, In a word we can say that knowledge is a familiarity with someone or something, which can include facts, information, descriptions, or skills acquired through experience or education.

Different mans have different opinion about knowledge. So lets we see Some Quotes About Knowledge - - See more definition of knowledge.

Plato says about  knowledge:  “…Knowledge is the food of the soul.”
He also says that.....  “Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.”

Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.”- Plato

A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers.” Plato

Knowledge which is acquired under compulsion obtains no hold on the mind.”  Plato
According to Socrates “To know, is to know that you know nothing. That is the meaning of true knowledge.”

True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.” Socrates

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” ― Socrates

The one exclusive sign of thorough knowledge is the power of teaching.”- Aristotle
According to Albert Einstein knowledge is... “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”

He also says that.....
There comes a time when the mind takes a higher plane of knowledge but can never prove how it got there.”

Knowledge of what is does not open the door directly to what should be.”

The only source of knowledge is experience.” - Albert Einstein

According to Simone Weil - “Evil being the root of mystery, pain is the root of knowledge.”

According to Jean Piaget -  “No single logic is strong enough to support the total construction of human knowledge.

According to William Hazlitt  - “The seat of knowledge is in the head; of wisdom, in the heart. We are sure to judge wrong, if we do not feel right.”

According to Alvin Toffler - “Knowledge is the most democratic source of power.”

According to Robert Collier  - “You can do anything you think you can. This knowledge is literally the gift of the gods; for through it you can solve every human problem. It should make of you an incurable optimist. It is the open door.”

What is History?


Definition of history / What is History?

The English word "History"  has come from the Greek word "Historia". The word Historia was first used by Greek historian Herodotus (fifth century B.C.). He is famous as the father of History. It was he who first of all used this word after the name of his research work whose dictionary meaning is investigation into the truth or research. He believed that history is to investigate or write what in true sense existed or took place. He investigated into different issues of the war that had taken place between Greece and Persia through his research. In this research he gave description of the obtained information, important events and the stories of victory of the Greek so that next generations do not forget these events and these events inspire them and imbue them with patriotism. It was Herodotus who first combined the two concepts. History and Investigation. As a result, History turned into science, became completely information-based and became a subject of research. Actually, never-ending flow of events in human society is called History.
Again, According to Rapson “History is the sequential and scientific description of events.
The father of modern History, the German historian Leopold Von Ranke thinks that – “History means the research and the true description of what took place. He opines that History is stark true. So, it can be said that History means the sequential and true description of different activities related to the transformation of human society. Therefore, authentic history is written based on the truth.

Theme of World History

The main Theme of world History and Scope of History
History is the evidence and written document of chronological changes of people, their society and their civilization. Of modern historians Vico thinks about the theme of History “in the way that human society and the origin and the growth of humanitarian institutions are the theme of history.” Therefore, it is seen that all the important achievements that have been able to contribute to the development and progress of human society and civilization are all subjects included in History. Such as: art, literature and culture, philosophy, sculpture, politics, warfare, religion, laws etc. which as a whole have influenced directly or indirectly society and civilization are all focus of History.

Scope of History

All activities performed by man are included in the scope of History. The periphery of history extends to those branches where man’s thinking, planning, activities are extended. But the limit of this extension is not static. The scope of History is being modified with the changes in man’s thinking and activities. For example:  During the first phase of prehistoric period, man’s activities were limited to collecting foods. Production strategy was still unknown to them. As a result, at that time the scope of History was extended to the activities of food collection. The periphery of man’s activities has increased with evolution of time and the progress of civilization. Along with this, scientific methods are being adopted in research and inculcation of History. As a result, the number of the branches of History has increased, and its limit is also expanding. In the nineteenth century though History was a subject of politics, after the preaching of Marxism History of Economics, History of Society, History of Fine Arts started being written. Thus one after another new subjects are being included in History and its scope is expanding.

The main sources of world history

history refer to the information and evidence based on which it is possible to establish the historical truth. The importance of historical sources knows no bounds in writing the actual history. The sources of history can be divided into two groups, such as
(a) written sources.
(b) unwritten sources.
Now I shall decision about this to sources of world history in details:

1. Written Sources:

The written sources of writing history include literature, overseas account, documents etc. There is some information available also in different literary works of the then time.
As for example: The Vedas, Kautilya’s Arthasastro, Kalahan’s Rajatarangini, Minhaj-us-Siraj’s Tabkat-E-Nasiri, Abul Fazal’s Ain-E- Akbari etc.
Descriptions of the overseas travelers are always considered the most important sources.
As for example: The descriptions of the Chinese travelers Fa-hien, Hiuen- Tsang, and Itsing respectively who came to Bengal from fifth to the seventh century. In the subsequent times, there was description about this area/zone in the writings of others including Ibn Batuta. Quite much information was obtained from these descriptions about the then society, economy, politics, religion, and rituals and customs. Literary sources also include fairy tales, hearsays, stories etc. The description of Tibetan writer Lama Taranath about the ascending of Gopal, the founder of Pal Dynasty, to the throne is a kind of fantasy. Yet, there remain many true events behind many historical events which the historians discover through meticulous analysis and investigation. Moreover, it is also possible to collect reliable information from government documents, letters etc.

2. Unwritten or archeological Sources:

Unwritten or archeological evidence refer to those things or sources from which we can get a variety of historical information about a particular time, place or person. Archeological testimonies are included in unwritten elements. For example: coins, stone inscriptions, column inscriptions, copper inscriptions, edifices etc. We can have some knowledge about political, social and economic condition of the people of that time by dint of scientific experiments and analysis of this archeological evidence. It is possible to form an idea about civilization, religion, lifestyle, urbanization, things used every day, the condition of trade and business, agricultural equipment of the ancient people. For example, we can describe the archeological testimonies of the Indus civilization, and some places of Bangladesh such as Mohasthangar, Paharpur, Maynamati etc. New archeological discoveries can change the history of a nation. For instance: the recent archeological discovery of Wari-Bateshwar in Narsingdi. It has been proved in the archeological testimony of that place that even before two thousand five hundred years back there was the existence of urban civilization in Bangladesh. As a result of this discovery, a new horizon of the civilization of ancient Bengal is going to be exposed and people’s conceptions about the ancient civilization of Bengal are getting changed day by day. The time is not too far when the ancient history of Bengal will have to be written afresh.

Get more at Importance of reading world history.

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What is An eBook?

Elaboration form of e-Book is Electronic Book. So An eBook is an electronic book which one you read digitally on your computer, laptop, notebook, mobile screen or on devices called ebook readers. We will find them in various formats such as - PDF, HTML, MS.Word, Notepad file etc. how to unlock pdf password is a popular format for ebooks. All platforms are able to gain access and read PDF formatting. So if you have a PC or Mac, you are in business! PDF requires the Acrobat Reader but this software comes on many new computers and if not included, it's a free downloaded from Adobe There are still many who prefer printing out the pages of an ebook to read and PDF files have always been good for this purpose. Visit the IRS online and you will see every tax form they have available on PDF to print, fill out and send.HTML is another popular format for ebooks. We can read on our computer screen, laptop or converted to read on the previously manufactured Nuvomedia Rocket eBook reader.

How to download eBook?

Download eBook now From

If you want to read books through your computer, laptop tablet or mobile, then you're looking to fill it with books. No tension, because now a days ebook is very popular and it is available on internet. If you have a Computer and a Internet connection, you will get all kinds of books for free to read on internet.
Now I will tell you,

How to download ebook for free how to unlock pdf password, text or word document?

To read ebook you do not need to spend money but you need to complete “survey” to download ebooks. to Download free eBooks for free by completing survey.

To complete Survey, just you need to spend a few minutes. It may be fill up a form or download a short software and install on your pc. After completing this task you will get a download link from where you can download your desired books.

Here's how to find and download free online.

You'll find many commercial and digital bookstores online, such as Amazon Kindle Store or Apple’s iBookstore, but you'll also run across many legal free ways to read digital books. Such as Project Gutenberg, At the forefront of free digital books is Project Gutenberg, which was created with the goal of digitizing books in the public domain and other sources, and making them available in a wide variety of digital formats without cost to users. Google Books: Similar to Project Gutenberg, Google Books is digitizing a variety of works, many of which are available for free and are readable online in a Web browser or on assorted popular e-readers.

Download free ebooks from Google Books.

Wikibooks is another site in the spirit of the collaborative encyclopedia. Wikibooks is dedicated to making textbooks available for free and editable by anyone.

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Kitchen markets

Know about Kitchen markets of Bangladesh

Know about Kitchen markets of Bangladesh

In essay writing tips lesson I have showed you what is essay and how to write essay easily. Here I have selected a topic and tried to write. My topic is “Kitchen markets” Now read very carefully and see practically how to write an essay.

Kitchen markets are places where people buy their daily necessities, particularly meat, fish, vegetables, etc. We have them everywhere whether we live in rural or urban areas. In a big city there are a number of such markets. As most of the items are perishable, we need to buy them daily.

Those who have fridges can avoid the trouble of going to kitchen markets daily. These markets are usually overcrowded. People push against one another or elbow their way. They are also usually dirty. Your shoes and clothes invariably get soiled and there are bad smells all around. Things get worse during the rainy season. Parts of the market are full of puddles. The drains are chocked. These markets are extremely noisy too because you have to haggle when you buy things.

Prices are not fixed. You have to bargain and you are likely to get cheated. When you get home, you find yourself tired, wet and soiled. you may find the fish rotten and the meat full of bones. The shopkeepers are clever people. They do not hesitate to sell their bad items first. Because the shops are overcrowded, you have no chance to pick and choose.

We can avoid this problem of going to these nasty, overcrowded places by setting up shops in every street. People can buy their daily necessities from these shops easily. In big cities we have supermarkets where you can buy essential goods from the same shops. The supermarkets have different sections. The items we buy from kitchen markets are available in one of the sections.

It is clean and some of the items like fish and meat are frozen. The prices are fixed. It is very convenient to shop in the supermarkets. But the prices are high. They are beyond the means of common people. They have no alternative but to do their daily shopping in the nasty, noisy and overcrowded kitchen markets. As the saying goes what cannot be cured must be endured.

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Domestic Helps

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Domestic Helps

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In essay writing tips lesson I have showed you what is essay and how to write essay easily. Here I have selected a topic and tried to write. My today's topic is “Domestic Helps” a short essay or paragraph - as you say. Now read very carefully and see practically how to write essay.

Domestic Helps

Almost every home in this country employs domestic helps usually called servants or maidservants. They do the household chores, such as washing, cleaning, and grinding spices. In homes where the wives work outside, the domestic helps do the shopping, cooking and look after the children. When their masters and mistresses come home from their offices, the help lay the table, serve food and clear the table after the meal is over.

They make life easy for the members of the family. Sometimes domestic helps are badly treated by their masters or mistresses. In doing their daily chores. the helps naturally make mistakes, break plates or fail to do the chores satisfactorily. These often make their employers angry and they beat them mercilessly or keep them locked without giving them food and drink.

We often read in the newspapers of cases where they succumb to injuries inflicted on them. This is simply inhuman. One fails to understand how educated people can behave like this. Domestic helps are not angels. They are fallible human beings like most of us. Sometimes some of them are involved in crimes. Theft, robbery, even murders are committed by domestic helps. So one should be careful in employing them. Their photographs, their addresses and their credentials by their former employers should be considered before we employ them.

This will minimize the number of crimes committed by domestic helps. However, if a help misbehaves or steals valuables or his/her work is unsatisfactory, his or she should be paid and sent away without being rude or cruel. Under no circumstances can inhuman treatment be justified. Such treatment is also a criminal offence and the offenders are liable to punishment under the law. As human beings, we should be kind and sympathetic to our social inferiors. Cur religion also enjoins this.

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The National Mourning observation Day – Report

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Welcome to our Writing section’s lesson, In this lesson I will show you how to write a short report on ” The National Mourning observation Day “. For writing a report, you need to be careful some main points. If you want to be a good report writer, then you must read our another lesson “How to write essay” and “How to Write short compositions” because you will get more clear Idea about writing topic selection.Here I have discuss all the points. So read attentively practice again and again to be a good report writer.

Before going to write a report you should know what is report? Actually A report is an account given of a particular matter, especially in the form of a document, after thorough investigation or consideration by an appointed person or body. So For writing a report, you should know the topics of your writing as well they try to write a description on it. Here I have given an example of a report on National Mourning Day so that you can write as well.

Write a report on

“The National Mourning observation Day at your campus."

Campus reporter, Dhaka University, Aug,15: National Mourning Day observed with due solemnity in Dhaka University Campus paying due tribute to the father of the nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the other martyrs who were killed in that black night of 15th August. National flag was kept halfmast to show respect to the martyrs. The observation of National Mourning Day.

The university authority chalked out an elaborate program schedule on this occasion. Wearing of black badge people arranged rally, discussion meeting and milad mahfil included in the day’s programme. The day’s progrmme started with paying tribute to the portrait of Bangabondhu. Teachers, students and staff of the university took part in the mourning procession. Later on, people arranged a discussion meeting. Vice Chancellor, A.S.M. Arefin Siddiqrre chaired this session. Students and teachers attended the meeting. In their speeches, speakers focused on the patriotism of Bangabandhu and his unparallel sacrifice for the sake of the county. Vice Chancellor, A.S.M. Arefin Siddique paid deep homage to Bangabandhu and demanded the trial of the war criminals for making the dream of Bangabandhu True. After the johor payer, people arranged a milad mahfii at the central mosque. At last people offered praying peace for the departed souls.“

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Bangladeshi Traditional Food habits

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In essay writing tips lesson I have showed you what is an essay,  How to Write short compositions, How to write letter,  and how to write essay easily? Here I have select a topic and tried to write. My topic is “Bangladeshi Traditional Food habits” Now read very carefully and see practically how to write an essay. Today I am here to share with you Bangladeshi Traditional Food habits.

Bangladeshi Traditional Food habits

Food habits differ from country to country and from person to person. Every country has its own tradition of foods. Bangladesh has also the same. In the sense of food habits, Bangladesh is influenced by the regional variations of her history. The staple food in Bangladesh is rice. Being an outpost of Mughal Empire once, Bangladesh retains its heritage. Bangladesh is famous for rice production which has been the chief occupation of its people. Rice, therefore, the main food of Bangladesh. The Bangladeshis eat rice, not just a small quantity but a lot. They eat rice every day and at every meal with great testy and spicy curry of vegetables, fishes, and meat. It is also the staple food in many southeast Asian countries including Japan. But in Pakistan and in some parts of India the staple food is wheat. People in European countries eat bread and potatoes. They also prefer fish. In our own country the rich people like meat more than fish. The poor people cannot afford meat. They go for small fish because they are cheaper. Strangely enough, small fish have greater food value than bigger and more expensive fish.

Traditional food habit of Bangladesh

On special occasions, people prepare a special dish. Turkey is a favorite food at Christmas in England. We in this country eat fried rice, beef, mutton, chicken and sweets on Eid Day. These items are usually on the menu at wedding dinners. When we invite guests for dinner at home, we serve the same foods. Soft drinks go with such dinners, For ordinary meals, we usually have unleavened bread, eggs, milk and fruits or sweets and tea for breakfast. For lunch and dinner, most people have rice, meat or fish and vegetables. Working class people usually have soaked rice, salt and chilly for breakfast. For lunch and supper, they have rice and vegetables with or without fish. In planning meals, we should consider primarily the food value rather taste. Many people., particularly children, dislike vegetables. But the vegetables are rich in vitamins

and minerals.

Those who do not eat vegetables suffer from malnutrition. Beef and mutton contain a lot of fat and fat is dangerous. It makes people overweight or obese. Obesity is the cause of many diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, and a heart condition. We must eat what is good for us, not what is tasty. Costly food is not necessarily better than a cheap one. Not many people know this and they suffer from all kinds of diseases. Needless to say, prevention is better than cure. Bangladeshi Traditional Food habits.

We should do everything possible to prevent diseases. Eating wisely is one of the best ways of keeping fit.

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What is Grammar?

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Grammar is very important for learning a language appropriately. Because we cannot learn any language without learning grammar for this Grammar is call the of a language. Grammar is a part and parcel of every language. It is a very important aspect and element of that language. By grammar we mean a set of rules of a language, which helps’ us to use the language in the correct form.

What is Grammar?

“So Grammar is the way you combine words and change their form and position in a sentence, or the rules or study of this .“

“Grammar is the rules by which words change their forms and are combined into sentences, or the study or use of these rules.“

Importance of Learning English Grammar

Do you need to study grammar to learn a language? The short answer is “no”. If that language is your native language, then you do not need to learn grammar. You have seen that Children start to speak before they even know the word “grammar”

Remember that But if you want to learn foreign language appropriately, than the long answer is

“yes, grammar can help you to learn a language more quickly and more efficiently.” It’s important to think of grammar as something that can help you, like a friend. When you understand the grammar of a language, you can understand many things yourself, without having to ask a teacher or look in a book.

What is English Grammar?

If you want to learn English Language, then you must have vast knowledge in English Grammar. If you want to learn English appropriately then you must learn grammar. English language too has its own certain rules which must be followed. English Grammar helps us to learn the language correctly. The users of English language need to practice the language skills.

“English grammar is the science which treats of the nature of words, their forms, and their uses and relations in the sentence.”

“So English Grammar is the way that you combine English words and change their form and position in a sentence, or the rules or study of this.”

I hope, you have got the clear Idea about English grammar. You can Learn More English Grammar from here.

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32nd BCS Preliminary MCQ Questions and Answers

Dear Learners,
Here you will get all previous questions and answers. you may find mistake or wrong answers. If you get any kind of mistake or wrong answers then don't forget to write us in our comment box or contact us by using our email. If you have any opinion, then, of course, express to us. Thank you.
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32nd BCS Preliminary MCQ Questions and Answers

1. বাংলাদেশের জাতীয় পতাকার দৈর্ঘ্য-প্রস্থের অনুপাত কোনটি?
(a) ৮:৫
(b) ১০:৬
(c) ১১:৮
(d) ১১:৭

2. ভূ-পৃষ্ঠের সৌরদীপ্ত ও অন্ধকারাচ্ছন্ন অংশের সংগযোস্থলকে বলে -
(a) উষা
(b) গোধূলি
(c) গুরুবৃত্ত
(d) ছায়াবৃত্ত

3. মৌমাছির চাষ হলো -
(a) এপিকালচর
(b) সেরিকালচার
(c) পিসিকালচার
(d) হর্টিকালচার

4. উদ্ভিদের বৃদ্ধি নির্ণায়ক যন্ত্র -
(a) ওডোমিটার
(b) ক্রনমিটার
(c) ট্যাকোমিটার
(d) ক্রেসকোগ্রাফ

5. 'মা ছিল না বলে চুল বেঁধে দেয়নি।' এটি একটি -
(a) জটিল বাক্য
(b) যৌগিক বাক্য
(c) সরল বাক্য
(d) মিশ্র বাক্য

6. 'শূন্যপুরাণ' রচনা করেছেন -
(a) রামাই পণ্ডিত
(b) শ্রীকর নন্দী
(c) বিজয় গুপ্ত
(d) লোচন দাস

7. "To raise one's brows" indicates -
(a) annoyance
(b) disapproval
(c) indifference
(d) surprise

8. আটলান্টিক ও প্রশান্ত মহাসাগরকে যুক্ত করেছে কোনটি?
(a) সুয়েজ খাল
(b) মিসিসিপি
(c) ভলগা
(d) পানামা খাল

9. কোন শব্দ গঠনে বাংলা উপসর্গ ব্যবহৃত হয়েছে?
(a) পরাকাষ্ঠা
(b) অভিব্যক্তি
(c) পরিশ্রান্ত
(d) অনাবৃষ্ঠি

10. তামাবিল সীমান্তের সাথে ভারতের কোন শহরটি অবস্থিত?
(a) করিমগঞ্জ
(b) খোয়াই
(c) পেট্রাপল
(d) ডাউকি

11. বাসা বাড়ীতে সরবারাহকৃত বিদ্যুতের ফ্রিকোয়েন্সি হলো -
(a) ৫০ হার্জ
(b) ২২০ হার্জ
(c) ২০০ হার্জ
(d) ১০০ হার্জ

12. অপটিক্যাল ফাইবারে আলোর কোন ঘটনাটি ঘটে?
(a) প্রতিসরণ
(b) বিচ্ছুরণ
(c) অপবর্তন
(d) অভ্যন্তরীন প্রতিফলন

13. x²-8x-8y+y² এর সাথে কত যোগ করলে যোগফল একটি পূর্ণ বর্গ হয়?
(a) 4xy
(b) 2xy
(c) 6xy
(d) 8xy

14. আমেরিকার চালক বিহীন গোয়েন্দা বিমান 'স্টিলথ ড্রোন' টি কি?
(a) বোমারু বিমান চালিত
(b) মিগ চালিত
(c) হেলিকপ্টার চালিত
(d) শক্তিশালী রকেট চালিত

15. মাশরুম এক ধরনের -
(a) অপুষ্পক উদ্ভিদ
(b) পরজীবী উদ্ভিদ
(c) ফাঙ্গাস
(d) অর্কিড

16. 'পলামৌ' ভ্রমণ কাহিনীটি কার রচনা?
(a) শরৎচন্দ্র চট্টোপাধ্যায়
(b) সুনীল গংঙ্গোপাধ্যায়
(c) সঞ্জীব চন্দ্র চট্টোপাধ্যায়
(d) তারাশঙ্কর বন্দোপাধ্যায়

17. দুধে থাকে -
(a) সাইট্রিক এসিড
(b) ল্যাকটিক এসিড
(c) নাইট্রিক এসিড
(d) এসিটিক এসিড

18. ১, ৩, ৬, ১৫, ২১ . . . . . . . ধারাটির দশম পদ কত?
(a) ৪৫
(b) ৫৫
(c) ৬৫
(d) ৬২

19. 'আলোকিত মানুষ চাই' - এটি কোন প্রতিষ্ঠানের শ্লোগান?
(a) জাতীয় গ্রন্থ কেন্দ্র
(b) বিশ্ব সাহিত্য কেন্দ্র
(c) সুশাসনের জন্য নাগরিক
(d) পাবলিক লাইব্রেরি

20. 'গ্রেট হল' কোথায় অবস্থিত?
(a) বৃটেন
(b) যুক্তরাষ্ট্র
(c) চীন
(d) রাশিয়া

21. 'দিবারাত্রির কাব্য' কার লেখা উপন্যাস?
(a) তারাশঙ্কর বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায়
(b) শ্রীকুমার বন্দোপাধ্যায়
(c) ঈশান চন্দ্র
(d) মানিক বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায়

22. কম্পিউটার ভাইরাস কি?
(a) একটি ক্ষতিকারক জীবণু
(b) একটি ক্ষতিকারক সার্কিট
(c) একটি ক্ষতিকারক চৌম্বক ফ্লাক্স
(d) একটি ক্ষতিকারক প্রোগাম

23. The sentence "Who would have thought Shylock was so unkind?" express -
(a) hyperbole
(b) interrogation
(c) command
(d) wonder

24. ডায়োড সবচেয়ে বেশী ব্যবহৃত হয় -
(a) ক্যাপাসিটর হিসেবে
(b) ট্রান্সফরমার হিসেবে
(c) রেজিস্টর হিসেবে
(d) রেক্টিফায়ার হিসেবে

25. এন্টিবায়োটিকের কাজ -
(a) রোগ প্রতিরোধের ক্ষমতা বৃদ্ধি করা
(b) জীবাণূ ধ্বংস করা
(c) ভাইরাস ধ্বংস করা
(d) দ্রুত রোগ নিরাময় করা

26. 'Subconscious' শব্দটির বাংলা পারিভাষিক শব্দ হল -
(a) অর্ধচেতন
(b) অবচেতন
(c) চেতনাহীন
(d) চেতনাপ্রবাহ

27. পরপর তিনটি সংখ্যার গুণফল ১২০ হলে তাদের যোগফল কত?
(a) ৯
(b) ১২
(c) ১৪
(d) ১৫

28. 'সোনালিকা' ও 'আকরব' বাংলাদেশের কৃষি ক্ষেত্রে কিসের নাম?
(a) উন্নত কৃষি যন্ত্রপাতির নাম
(b) উন্নত জাতের ধানের নাম
(c) দুটি কৃষি বিষয়ক বেসরকারি সংস্থার নাম
(d) উন্নত জাতের গমের নাম

29. কোন জেলায় চা-বাগান বেশী?
(a) সিলেট
(b) হবিগঞ্জ
(c) মৌলভীবাজার
(d) বান্দরবান

30. কোনটি তারবিহীন দ্রুতগতির ইন্টারনেট সংযোগের জন্য উপযোগী?
(a) ওয়াইম্যাক্স
(b) সি-সম
(c) ব্লু-টুথ
(d) ব্রডব্রান্ড

31. কোনটি ইংরেজি শব্দ?
(a) ম্যাজিন্টা
(b) পিস্তল
(c) আলমারি
(d) কমা

32. "We were no more surprised than Rahman."
(a) We were less surprised than Ranman
(b) We were all surprised
(c) Rahman was less surprised than us
(d) We were as surprised as Rahman

33. x² - y² + 2y -1 এর একটি উৎপাদক -
(a) x + y + 1
(b) x - y
(c) x + y -1
(d) x - y - 1

34. 'বৃক্ষ' শব্দের সমার্থক শব্দ কোনটি?
(a) কলাপী
(b) নীরধি
(c) বিটপী
(d) অবনি

35. ৭ সে. মি ব্যাসার্ধ বিশিষ্ট বৃত্তের অন্তলিখিত বর্গক্ষেত্রের ক্ষেত্র কত?
(a) ৯৮ ব. সে. মি.
(b) ৪৯ ব. সে. মি.
(c) ১৯৬ ব. সে. মি.
(d) ১৪৬ ব. সে. মি.

36. রেডক্রসের সদর দপ্তর কোথায় অবস্থিত?
(a) প্যারিস
(b) লন্ডন
(c) নিউইয়র্ক
(d) জেনেভা

37. বাংলাদেশের White gold কোনটি?
(a) ইলিশ
(b) পাট
(c) রূপা
(d) চিংড়ী

38. x³+x²y, x²y+xy² এর ল. সা. গু কোনটি?
(a) xy
(b) x+y
(c) xy(x+y)
(d) x²y(x+y)

39. x -(1/x) =7 হলে x³-(1/x)³ এর মান কত?
(a) ৩৩৪
(b) ১৫৪
(c) ৩৬৪
(d) ৫১২

40. ভাষার ক্ষুদ্রতম একক কোনটি?
(a) বর্ণ
(b) শব্দ
(c) অক্ষর
(d) ধ্বনি

41. x এবং y উভয়ই বিজোড় সংখ্যা হলে কোনটি জোড় হবে?
(a) x + y + 1
(b) xy
(c) xy + 2
(d) x + y

42. কোনটি সাধিত শব্দ নয়?
(a) পানসা
(b) ফুলেল
(c) গোলাপ
(d) হাতল

43. যে বায়ু সর্বদাই উচ্চচাপ অঞ্চল থেকে নিম্নচাপ অঞ্চলের দিকে প্রবাহিত হয় তা হলো -
(a) আয়ন বায়ু
(b) নিয়ত বায়ু
(c) প্রত্যয়ন বায়ু
(d) মৌসুমী বায়ু

44. 'তাস' কোন দেশের সংবাদ সংস্থা?
(a) রাশিয়া
(b) চীন
(c) ভারত
(d) পাকিস্তান

45. log28 = কত?
(a) ৪
(b) ৩
(c) ২
(d) ১

46. বাংলাদেশের কোন জেলাটি বাংলাদেশ-ভারত সীমান্তের মধ্যে নয়?
(a) পঞ্চগড়
(b) সাতক্ষীরা
(c) হবিগঞ্জ
(d) কক্সবাজার

47. নোবেল পুরস্কার বিজয়ী 'তাওয়াচ্চুল কারমান' কোন দেশের নাগরিক?
(a) ইরান
(b) ইন্দোনেশিয়া
(c) তুরস্ক
(d) ইয়েমেন

48. BRTC - এর ইংরেজি পূর্ণরূপ কোনটি?
(a) Bangladesh Telephone Regulatory Commission
(b) Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission
(c) Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Commission
(d) Bangladesh Telephone and Regulatory Commission

49. 'আনোয়ারা' গ্রন্থটি কার রচনা?
(a) কাজী এমদাদুল হক
(b) মীর মশারফ হোসেন
(c) মোহাম্মদ নজিবর রহমান
(d) ইসমাইল হোসেন সিরাজী

50. 'তুমি অধম, তাই বলে আমি উত্তম হব না কেন?' এই প্রবাটির রচয়িতা কে?
(a) মীর মশাররফ হোসেন
(b) রোকেয়া সাখাওয়াত হোসেন
(c) বংঙ্কিম চন্দ্র চট্টোপাধ্যায়
(d) রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুর

51. একটি সমবাহু বিভূজের বাহুর প্রত্যেকটির দৈর্ঘ্য ২ মিটার বাড়লে এর ক্ষেত্রফল ৩√৩ বর্গ মিটার বেড়ে যায়। সমবাহু ত্রিভূজের বাহুর দৈর্ঘ্য কত?
(a) ১ মিটার
(b) ২ মিটার
(c) ৩ মিটার
(d) ৪ মিটার

52. প্রথম বাংলাদেশী এভারেস্ট বিজয়ী মুসা ইব্রাহীম কোন সালে মাউন্ট এভারেস্ট শৃঙ্গে আরোহন করেন?
(a) ২০০৮
(b) ২০১১
(c) ২০০৯
(d) ২০১০

53. কোন ভগ্নাংটি ক্ষুদ্রতম?
(a) ৫৬
(b) ১২১৫
(c) ১১১৪
(d) ১৭২১

54. বাংলাদেশ রেলওয়ের সর্ববৃহৎ কারখানা কোথায়?
(a) চট্টগ্রাম
(b) পাকশি
(c) সৈয়দপুর
(d) আখাউড়া

55. বাংলাদেশের কৃষিতে 'দোয়েল' -
(a) জাতীয় পাখীর নাম
(b) কৃষি সংস্থার নাম
(c) উন্নত জাতের গমের নাম
(d) কৃষি যন্ত্রের নাম

56. কাজী নজরুল ইসলাম রচিত গল্প কোনটি?
(a) পদ্মরাগ
(b) পদ্মগোখরা
(c) পদ্মপুরাণ
(d) পদ্মাবতী

57. 'জুলিয়াস সীজার' কেন বিখ্যাত?
(a) রোমের সম্রাট হিসেবে
(b) বর্ণবাদ বিরোধী হিসেবে
(c) বৃটেনের রাজা হিসেবে
(d) আমেরিকার প্রেসিডেন্ড হিসেবে

58. বৈদ্যুতিক মিটারে এক ইউনিট বিদ্যুৎ খরচ বলতে বুঝায় -
(a) এক কিলোওয়াট-ঘন্টা
(b) এক ওয়াট-ঘন্টা
(c) এক কিলোওয়াট
(d) এক ওয়াট

59. একটি গাড়ির চাকা প্রতি মিনিটে ৯০ বার ঘোরে। ১ সেকেন্ডে চাকাটি কত ডিগ্রি ঘুরবে?
(a) ১৮০ ডিগ্রী
(b) ২৭০ ডিগ্রী
(c) ৫৪০ ডিগ্রী
(d) ৩৬০ ডিগ্রী

60. ভাষা আন্দোলন বিষয়ক উপন্যাস কোনটি?
(a) আরেক ফানগুন
(b) জীবন ঘষে আগুন
(c) নন্দিত নরকে
(d) পিঙ্গল আকাশ

61. কোনো ত্রিভূজের তিনটি বাহুকে বর্ধিত করলে উৎপন্ন বহিঃস্থ কোণ তিনটির সমষ্টি কত?
(a) ১৮০ ডিগ্রী
(b) ১৫০ ডিগ্রী
(c) ২৭০ ডিগ্রী
(d) ৩৬০ ডিগ্রী

62. 'গাছপাথর' বাগধারাটির অর্থ -
(a) ভূমিকা করা
(b) হিসাব-নিকাশ
(c) অসম্ভব বস্তু
(d) বাড়াবাড়ি করা

63. মডেম এর মধ্যে যা থাকে তা হলো -
(a) একটি মডুলেটর
(b) একটি মডুলেটর ও একটি ডিমডুলেটর
(c) একটি কোডেক
(d) একটি এনকোডাব

64. "Not once has our neighbour invited us into his house."
(a) Our neighbour has invited us into his house not once but many times.
(b) neighbour has never invited us into his house
(c) Occasionally our neighbour has invited us into his house
(d) Our neighbour has not always invited us into his house

65. মুক্তিযু্দ্ধ নির্ভর রচনা কোনটি?
(a) এইসব দিন রাত্রি
(b) নূরলদীনের সারা জীবন
(c) একাত্তরের দিনগুলি
(d) সৎ মানুষের খোঁজে

66. পারস্পরিক আবেশকে ব্যবহার করা হয় কোনটিতে?
(a) ডায়োড
(b) ট্রান্সফরমার
(c) ট্রানজিস্টার
(d) আমপ্লিফায়ার

67. একটি আয়তকার ঘরের দৈর্ঘ্য প্রস্থ অপেক্ষা ৪ মিটার বেশী। ঘরটির পরিসীমা ৩২ মিটার হলে ঘরটির দৈর্ঘ্য কত?
(a) ৬ মিটার
(b) ১০ মিটার
(c) ১৮ মিটার
(d) ১২ মিটার

68. স্বর্ণের খাদ বের করতে ব্যবহার করা হয় -
(a) সালফিউরিক এসিড
(b) নাইট্রিক এসিড
(c) সাইট্রিক এসিড
(d) কার্বোলিক এসিড

69. 'আলোছায়া' পদটি কোন সমাসের অন্তর্গত?
(a) দ্বন্দ্ব সমাস
(b) অব্যয়ীভাব সমাস
(c) তৎপুরুষ সমাস
(d) কর্মধারয় সমাস

70. বৃত্তের ব্যাস তিনগুণ বৃদ্ধি পেলে ক্ষেত্রফল কতগুণ বৃদ্ধি পাবে?
(a) ৩ গুণ
(b) ৯ গুণ
(c) ১২ গুণ
(d) ১৬ গুণ

71. টাকায় ৩টি করে লেবু কিনে টাকায় ২টি করে বিক্রি করলে শতকরা কত লাভ হবে?
(a) ৫০%
(b) ২০%
(c) ৩০%
(d) ৩৩%

72. কোনটি 'বাতাস' শব্দের সমার্থক নয়?
(a) পাবক
(b) মারুত
(c) পবন
(d) অনিল

73. পিতলের উপাদান হলো -
(a) তামা ও টিপন
(b) তামা ও নিকেল
(c) তামা ও সিসা
(d) তামা ও দস্তা

74. সেট A={xϵN: x²>8, x³<30} হলে x এর সঠিক মান কোনটি?
(a) 2
(b) 3
(c) 4
(d) 5

75. 'গ্রীনল্যান্ড' -এর মালিকানা কোন দেশের?
(a) সুইডেন
(b) নেদারল্যান্ড
(c) ডেনমার্ক
(d) ইংল্যান্ড

76. .৪৭. কে সাধারণ ভগ্নাংশে পরিণত করলে কত হবে?
(a) ৪৭৯০
(b) ৪৩৯০
(c) ৪৩৯৯
(d) ৪৭৯৯

77. পূর্ব তিমুরের রাজধানী কোথায়?
(a) লাসা
(b) পের্টা নোভা
(c) দিলি
(d) তিয়েন আন মেন

78. কোনটি শুদ্ধ বানান?
(a) আকাংখা
(b) আকাঙকা
(c) আকাংঙ্খা
(d) আকাংক্ষা

79. জনসংখ্যার ভিত্তিতে বৃহত্তর মুসলিম রাষ্ট্র কোনটি?
(a) পাকিস্থান
(b) সৌদি আরব
(c) মিশর
(d) ইন্দোনেশিয়া

80. 'বীরবল' ছদ্মনামে কে লিখতেন?
(a) রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুর
(b) মুনীর চৌধরী
(c) সমরেশ বসু
(d) প্রমথ চৌধুরী

81. ABCD চতুর্ভূজে AB||CD, AC=BD এবং ∠A = 90° হলে সঠিক চতুর্ভূজ কোনটি?
(a) সামন্তরিক
(b) রম্বস
(c) ট্রাপিজিয়াম
(d) আয়তক্ষেত্র

82. 2√(6√+2) = কত?
(a) √3+√ 2
(b) 3 - √2
(c) √3 - √2
(d) √3 + 2

83. যকৃতের রোগ কোনটি?
(a) জন্ডিস
(b) টাইফয়েড
(c) হাম
(d) কলেরা

84. কোনটি জৈব অম্ল?
(a) নাইট্রিক এসিড
(b) হাইড্রোক্লোরিক এসিড
(c) এসিটিক এসিড
(d) সালফিউরিক এসিড

Choose a suitable word/phrase to fill in the blanks of the given sentences:
85. After food has been dried or canned ___ for later consumption.
(a) it should be stored
(b) that it should be stored
(c) should be stored
(d) which should be stored

86. Travellers ____ their reservation well in advance if they want to visit the St. Martins island.
(a) had better to get
(b) had to better get
(c) had better get
(d) had better got

Choose the correct antonym for -
87. "Cynical"
(a) Pessimistic
(b) Gullible
(c) Equivocal
(d) Liberal

88. "Oblige"
(a) Bind
(b) Require
(c) Bother
(d) Censure

Choose the meaning of the given expression:
89. "No news is good news"
(a) It is likely that we expect bad news
(b) It is likely to bad news
(c) It is likely that nothing bad has happened
(d) It is unlikely that another bad has happened.

90. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.
(a) Take what you have got readily available rather than expecting better in the future.
(b) The seen is better than actual
(c) Promises are better than actual
(d) It is no good beating about the bush

Choose the pair of words that expresses a relationship similar to that of the given pair:
91. Heart : human
(a) Wall : brick
(b) Hand : child
(c) Kitchen : house
(d) Engine : car

92. Heart : human
(a) wall : brick
(b) Hand : child
(c) counselor : advice
(d) Restaurant : customer

93. Word: writer
(a) Laws : policeman
(b) Butter : backer
(c) Chalk : black borad
(d) Joy : emotion

Choose the word/phrase that best retains the meaning of the underlines word/phrase in the given sentence:
94. Despite being a brilliant scientist, he does not seem to get his ideas across.
(a) make his ideas understood
(b) get ideas down pat
(c) summaries his ideas
(d) put together is ideas

95. What may be considered courteous in one culture may be arrogant in another.
(a) flimsy
(b) coarse
(c) gracious
(d) friendly

Chose the correct synonym for -
96. "Extempore"
(a) Planned
(b) Improvise
(c) Impromptu
(d) Immediate

97. "Menacing"
(a) Encouraging
(b) Alarming
(c) Promising
(d) Auspicious

Identify the incorrect word/phrase indicated by a., b., c., or d. in the following sentences:
98. According to experts a good way to(a)improve(b)listening skills is by(c)watch(d) television specially news and

99. Every(a)man or womanshould vote(b)for(c)the candidate oftheir(d)choice.

100. A doctor may be able to diagnose(a)a problemperfect(b) but he may not be able to find a drug to which(c)
the(d) patient.

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Now see the answers of above questions - 

32nd BCS Preliminary MCQ Questions Answers

01. b    16. c    31. d    46. d    61. d    76. b    91. d
02. d    17. b    32. d    47. d    62. b    77. c    92. c
03. a    18. b    33. c    48. b    63. b    78. b    93. a
04. d    19. b    34. c    49. c    64. b    79. d    94. a
05. c    20. c    35. a    50. c    65. c     80. d    95. d
06. a    21. d    36. d    51. b    66. b    81. d    96. c
07. d    22. d    37. d    52. d    67. b    82. c    97. b
08. d    23. d    38. d    53. c    68. b    83. a    98. d
09. d    24. d    39. c    54. c    69. a    84. c    99. d
10. d    25. b    40. d    55. c    70. b    85. a    100. b
11. a    26. b    41. d    56. b    71. a    86. c   
12. d    27. d    42. c    57. a    72. a    87. b   
13. b    28. d    43. b    58. a    73. d    88. d   
14. a    29. c    44. a    59. b    74. b    89. c   
15. c    30. a    45. b    60. a    75. c    90. a    

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