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There are more than 2000+ Games are played around the world. Some are country or local game and some are International. All the games are not popular all over the world. There are some games which is played all over the world and those are very favorite to children. I have also notice that there are many popular websites about this games and sports which article is very hard. So it's not possible to read for Child. For regarding this, I have made this sports knowledge.

This sports knowledge is only for the child. Among 2000+ games I have select 20 favorite games which are played all over the world and favorite to all children. Every game have some rules and regulation or terms and conditions of its own and it is necessary to obey this rules and regulations for every player. Many players even students do not know the rules and regulation or terms and conditions to play the game. I want to teach you this 20 popular games rules and regulation so that you can play well. To know rules and regulation is very important for everyone. Because it is part and parcel of human education.

Index – at a glance

1. Soccer / Football

2. Cricket

3. Badminton

4. Basket ball

5. Handball

6. Hockey

7. Swimming

8. Athletics

9. Long jump

10. High jump

11. Running

12. Volleyball

13. Tennis

14. Real Tennis

15. Table Tennis

16. Golf

17. Wrestling

18. Karate

19. Judo

20. Chase

Hope you will get the clear Idea of all above games.

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