General knowledge is very important for all kinds of competitive exams. I have collected this general knowledge for the help of those students who are searching general knowledge on sports. I know, General Knowledge on recent news on sports are avail avail on various kinds of books and newspapers of Bangladesh. But It is very rear general knowledge on basic. On regarding this I have collect some important questions on history of sports. Specially I have write for the exam of BCS general knowledge, admission test, job questions and viva voce.

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General knowledge on sports.

Questions: Who was known as ‘Black pearl of Football’?
Answers: Pele, Brazilian soccer / football player. born in 1940,

Questions: Who was Pele?
Answers: Brazilian soccer / football player.

Questions: Who was known as Ebony Antelope?
Answers: Jesse Owens.

Questions: Where Jesse Owens was born?
Answers: Alabama.

Question: Who was the first player to reach 3,000 hits in baseball ?
Answer: Cap Anson.

Question: Who was the youngest player to hit 500 home runs ?
Answer: Jimmie Foxx

Question: Who was the first pitcher to record 300 career saves ?
Answer: Rollie Fingers.

Question: FIFA was founded in which year ?
Answer: FIFA was founded on 21 May 1904.

Question: Which is not a Football Confederation under FIFA ?
Answer: BFC

Question: The "FIFA World Cup All-Time Team" squad published by FIFA in
Answer: 1994.

Questions: When Jesse Owens was born?
Answers: September 12, 1913,

Questions: Whose nick name was ‘Tiger of Sports’?
Answers: Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi

Questions: World Cup football was not held during the years.
Answers: 1942,1946

Questions: The award given to the best goal keeper in world cup football.
Answers: Yashin Award

Questions: The largest football tournament in India.
Answers: Santosh Trophy

Questions: COPA America Cup is related to:
Answers: Football.

Questions: Who is widely considered the greatest batsman of all time?
Answers: Don Bradman.

Questions: The first to score triple century in Test cricket:
Answers: Don Bradman.

Questions: The fastest century in test cricket by:
Answers: Vivian Richards.

Questions: Who was known as ‘Hockey wizard’?
Answers: Major Dhyan Chand.

Questions: Whose nick name is ‘Payyoli express’?
Answers: PT Usha.

Questions: The winners of the first Twenty-20 cricket tournament:
Answers: India.

Questions: India won the 1983 Cricket World Cup
Answers: by 43 runs.

Questions: Who was the captain of the West Indies team when India become the winners of 1983 Cricket World Cup?
Answers: Clyve Lloyd

Questions: The two-year interval between Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics was instituted in the year:
Answers: 1992

Questions: What is Ranji Trophy?
Answers: A trophy, instituted in 1934, that is awarded to the national cricket champions of India.

Questions: When Ranji Trophy was introduced?
Answers: 1934.

Questions: Which country hosted the Asian Games most number of times?
Answers: Thailand.

Questions: When was the first national games held?
Answers: 1985.

Questions: The first Afro-Asian Games was held in 2003 in:
Answers: Hyderabad.

Questions: The term ‘Bull’s eye’ is related to:
Answers: Shooting.

Questions: The highest award given in the field of sports in India.
Answers: Khel Ratna Award.

Questions: Which is known as ‘the king of sports’?
Answers: Horse racing.

Questions: The city in India famous for sports goods:
Answers: Jallandur.

Questions: National Sports Institute of India is named after:
Answers: Netaji Shubhas Bose.

Question: The "Uber Cup" is related to which sports?
Answer: Badminton.

Question: How many players do play in a Kabaddi game?
Answer: 7

Question: Which country won the 2010 Men's Hockey World Cup
Answer: Pakistan.

Question: The International Olympic Committee was founded in which year?
Answer: 1894.

Question: Where is the Headquarters of Badminton World Federation?
Answer: Malaysia.

Question: In which year, Badminton was included in Asia cup?
Answer: 1992

Question: What should be the height of badminton net at the edges?
Answer: 1.55 metres

Question: The badminton birdie is also known by another less used name which is what?
Answer: Shuttlecock.

Question: Official badminton plays with how point rally scoring system?
Answer: 21.

Question: Which is the Highest governing body of Cricket?
Answer: International Cricket Council.

Question: Between which teams the first official international cricket match played?
Answer: United States and Canada

Question: The total height of the wicket including bails is
Answer: 28.5 inches

Question: According to Laws of Cricket, the circumference of the ball should be equal to
Answer: 9 inches

Question: Which is not a way of batsman being out
Answer: Side out.

Question: What is the elaboration form of the Abbreviate word FIFA?
Answer: Fédération Internationale de Football Association It is the international governing body of association football.

Question: Which of the given country belongs to FIFA?
Answer: Macau

Note: Only 9 sovereign entities don't belong to FIFA (Monaco, Vatican City, Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Kiribati, Tuvalu, Palau, Nauru and South Sudan).


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