The Oxford Short List 2015 That You Need To Know

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Hello everybody, How are you? I think you are well. In this article, I will take a look at eight other words which placed in Oxford’s annual list of frequently used English words and phrases. Of the eight, I had only heard of three of them, which had written about two of them, and other had never heard of five of them.

The Oxford Short List 2015 That You Need To Know

Sharing economy:

Merriam-Webster has a point for the phrase and defines this as “economic activity which involves individuals buying or selling generally temporary access to the goods or services as arranged through an online company or and provides 2007 as the date of its first-known use.

On fleek:

I couldn’t even imagine at what this one could mean. According to the rule of Oxford site’s explanation, this phrase originated with the customer of a social media called Vine. She uploaded a video document in which she showed her eyebrows and told them as “on fleek.” The phrase is actually now taken to mean “extremely good, attractive, or stylish.” at all.

Ad blocker:

This is a kind of software which prevents ads from popping up on a web page. I had also heard of this one.


This has become an English word since the seventeenth century. The renewed interest generally derives from the frequency which refugee and migrant have not disappeared in the news this year.


According to the OED explanation, this word has been a term for potential or hypothetical departure of the UK from the European Union. I actually could not find any example of the word which is used in this term. I did find many documents to that seem to be a trade name for a line of chelated micro-granule products which is actually designed for foliar application.

Dark Web:

I have heard of the Deep Web, but not about the Dark Web. The Deep Web refers to parts of the Internet which can’t be accessed in easy way with browsers and search engines. The Dark Web refers specifically to the websites which is usually used as encryption tools to hide the identities of hosts and users of a website.


I thought this one to mean the kind of man who thinks that beard stubble looks awesome. It generally merges lumberjack with metrosexual and help you to refer to urban males by this word.

So I think you have a good idea reading my post. Thank you very much.


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