Domestic Helps

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In essay writing tips lesson I have showed you what is essay and how to write essay easily. Here I have selected a topic and tried to write. My today's topic is “Domestic Helps” a short essay or paragraph - as you say. Now read very carefully and see practically how to write essay.

Domestic Helps

Almost every home in this country employs domestic helps usually called servants or maidservants. They do the household chores, such as washing, cleaning, and grinding spices. In homes where the wives work outside, the domestic helps do the shopping, cooking and look after the children. When their masters and mistresses come home from their offices, the help lay the table, serve food and clear the table after the meal is over.

They make life easy for the members of the family. Sometimes domestic helps are badly treated by their masters or mistresses. In doing their daily chores. the helps naturally make mistakes, break plates or fail to do the chores satisfactorily. These often make their employers angry and they beat them mercilessly or keep them locked without giving them food and drink.

We often read in the newspapers of cases where they succumb to injuries inflicted on them. This is simply inhuman. One fails to understand how educated people can behave like this. Domestic helps are not angels. They are fallible human beings like most of us. Sometimes some of them are involved in crimes. Theft, robbery, even murders are committed by domestic helps. So one should be careful in employing them. Their photographs, their addresses and their credentials by their former employers should be considered before we employ them.

This will minimize the number of crimes committed by domestic helps. However, if a help misbehaves or steals valuables or his/her work is unsatisfactory, his or she should be paid and sent away without being rude or cruel. Under no circumstances can inhuman treatment be justified. Such treatment is also a criminal offence and the offenders are liable to punishment under the law. As human beings, we should be kind and sympathetic to our social inferiors. Cur religion also enjoins this.

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