Importance of Reading World History for the people.

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History is a part and parcel of our life.  Many learners does not know the importance of reading history? So they frequently asked that why is history important? So now I'll discuss about the importance of reading history?

Importance / Usefulness of Reading World History

History is an account based on the truth of the evolution of human society and civilization for which the importance of History is limitless as a branch of knowledge. The study of History helps us understand the present and the future in the perspective of the past. As a result of the study of History it is possible to get the prediction of misfortune and well being that are about to occur to us and in our country. Therefore, the study of History is very much essential for the interest of the country and the nation, and also for personal need.

Increases our knowledge and self-dignity by reading History:

The factual account of the past helps to increase the periphery of knowledge of human beings. And, if this account is about one\'s own country, about all struggles and wars of the nation, about glorious heritage, then it can imbue the nation with patriotism. At the same time, it helps to become self-determined and self-confident. In that case, the study of History does not have any alternative to steadying/ strengthening nationalism and national solidarity.

Increases awareness by Reading World History:

Knowledge of History raises awareness among people. Man can understand difference between the good and the bad if he can know the causes of ups and downs of different human communities and the causes of the development and downfall of civilization. As a result he remains conscious of the consequences of his activities.

Educates through examples:

The practical importance of History is unlimited. Man can learn lessons from the instances of past events by studying History. The lessons learn from History can be applied in the present need. History teaching through examples is called Educative Philosophy. The knowledge that is acquired by studying History is the best lesson for our practical life. The study of History enhances the capacity of our judgment and analysis which helps to form philosophical outlook. Consequently, there grows an interest in acquiring and inculcating knowledge.


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