The Future Tense

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What is Future Tense?

A verb that refers to Future Time is to said to be in the Future Tense.

The Future Tense describe an action in the future time.

as- 1. I shall go, 2. He will write, 3. They will be playing.

Similarly, the Future Tense has the following four forms :

1. I shall/will love. (Simple Future)

2. I shall/will be loving. (Future Continuous)

3. I shall/will have loved. (Future Perfect)

4. I shall/will have been loving. (Future Perfect Continuous)

We may now define Tense as that form of a Verb which shows the time and the state of an action or event.

A verb agrees with its subject in number and person. Study the verb forms of various tenses:

Simple Future Tense


* I shall/will speak

* You will speak

* He will speak

* We shall/will speak

* They will speak

Future Continuous Tense


• I shall/will be speaking

• You will be speaking

• He will be speaking

• We shall/will be speaking

• They will be speaking

Future Perfect Tense


* I shall/will have spoken

* You will have spoken

* He will have spoken

* We shall/will have spoken

* They will have spoken

Future Perfect Continuous Tense

(Sub+shall/will+have been+v-ing+ext)

* I shall/will have been speaking

* You will have been speaking

* He will have been speaking

* He shall/will have been speaking

* They will have been speaking

 Kinds of Future Tense

From the above discussion, we can easily realize that there are four kinds of Future Tense

1. Future Present Tense or Future Indefinite tense

2. Future Continuous Tense or Future Progress

3. Future Perfect Tense

4. Future Perfect Continuous Tense.

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