What is language?

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What is language?

The word “Language” comes from the Latin word “lingua” came the early Frenchlangue”, meaning “tongue, language”.

Definition of language:  Language is a system of communication by written or spoken words, which is used by the people of a particular country or area.

A few words here as to the authority upon which grammar rests.

Language in Literary English

The statements given will be substantiated by quotations from the leading or “standard” literature of modern times; that is, from the eighteenth century on. This literary English is considered the foundation on which grammar must rest.

Language in Spoken English

Here and there also will be quoted words and phrases from spoken or colloquial English, by which is meant the free, unstudied expressions of ordinary conversation and communication among intelligent people.

These quotations will often throw light on obscure constructions since they preserve turns of expressions that have long since perished from the literary or standard English.

Language in Vulgar English

Occasionally, too, reference will be made to vulgar English, the speech of the uneducated and ignorant, which will serve to illustrate points of syntax once correct, or standard, but now undoubtedly bad grammar.


Official language

    An official language is the language which is used by the government.

Example:- English is the island’s official language, but people also speak French.

Colloquial language

Colloquial language is that language which is used only in conversation, not in formal situations.

NB: The best way of improving your colloquial English is by listening to native speakers.

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