Football Field

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Field is an area of land in the country, where crops are grown or animals feed on grass. In a word we can say that, the fields is an open land area free of woods and buildings. There are various kinds of fields and various forms. as for example we can say that paddy field and football field is not same. Now lets we see how is a football field?

1. Playing Football field (rectangular):

Playing field is the first rules of Soccer or football. The size of a football field or soccer field should maximum length of the field is 130 yard or 120 Meter. Minimum length is 100 yards or 90 meter. Maximum width 100 yard or 90 meter and minimum is 50 yard or 45 meter. Measurement of football field at international level will be -

a) Length 120 yard, width 80 yard A Football Field

b) Length 115 yard, width 75 yard

c) Length 110 yard, width 70 yard.

Any one of above mention measurements of a field are used for competition national and international level. But for school boys playing field may be in length 100 yard and width 50 yard.

1. Line marking width:

Width of each line not exceeding 5 inch. Name of the length line in touch line & width line is called goal line.

2. The Goal area:

60 yard from each goal post and extended 6 yard in the field of play and joined parallel with goal line. Whose length is 20 yard.

3. Penalty area:

18 yard from each goal post and extended 18 yard into the field of play and joined parallel with goal line. Whose length is 44 yard.

4. Penalty mark:

Taking the penalty kick putting the ball or a mark is called penalty mark, in between two goal post 12 yard away from the goal line in the field of play and whose radius is nine inch.

5. Corner flag:

4 flags in the four corner of the playing field. The height of the flag at least 5 feet. Top of the flag will not be sharp and flags will be or top. There will be two flags one yard away from to outline and middle of field, which is optional.

6. Corner area:

From each flag post a quarter circles, having radius of one yard shall be drawn inside the field of play, corner kick is being from this corner area.

7. Goal post:
The height of lower edge of crossbar is 8 (eight) feet from ground and distance between two goal post is 8 (eight)

yards. There is a net to cover the goal from back side net is hung is such a way so that goal keeper should not feel disturbance or obstacles.

8. Center circle:

There is a circle of 10 yard radius at the middle of the mid line. This circle is known as center circle.

I think you have got a clear idea about your football field. Click here to know more about field.

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