Importance of learning chemistry

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We have understood from our reading of the scope of chemistry that, Now I shall try to discuss Importance of learning chemistry. chemistry is always involved in providing basic human needs like- food, clothing, housing, medication and material of education. It is worth mentioning here that, the belief held by people of different sectors of the society that chemical substance means something hazardous, it is not correct.

Whatever we are eating, such as, rice, pulses, oil, sugar, salt and what we are using like soap, shampoo, detergent powder, medicine etc. are all chemical substances. Aren’t they?

Importance of learning chemistry

The fertilizers and insecticides used in agriculture are all chemical substance. Insects are prevented from destroying the crops by using nsecticides. We are using coil or aerosol to prevent mosquitoes. Soaps, shampoo, detergents are used in cleaning. We take medicines, antibiotics and vitamins to maintain our health. Various types of natural substances like turmeric, henna and artificial cosmetics and colors are used in beautification.

In addition to that we are taking various types of herbal medicines and other materials to protect our health and for beautification. Sometimes inexperienced and dishonest people or farms produce and distribute these materials. Banned chemicals are being used unconsciously or dishonestly to prevent fish and meat from being rotten and to get fruit ripen quickly without considering the damage they cause to human health. Similarly illegal and non-food graded dyes are being using to make foods attractive.

To preserve processed foods for a long time preservatives are used specially in juice, sauce, cake, biscuit etc. Processed food without preservative may be harmful for life, but unfortunately, in most cases, in processing these foods excess amounts of forbidden and non food graded preservatives are uses. On the other hand the heat used in burner for cooking is created by burning of wood or natural gas, where heat, carbon dioxide and other substance are produced from the reaction of oxygen in the air, wood or natural gas.

It is worth mentioning that if wood and natural gas is burnt in presence of insufficient air, a gas called carbon-mono-oxide, which is very harmful for human health may be produced. Besides, on burning of wood or coal harmful carbon particles are produced, we call it soot (kali), when they settle on the wall of the container. In the same way carbon dioxide gas is being produced from industries and automobile engines, which is very harmful to the environment.

Excess fertilizer, pesticide, soap, detergent, shampoo, etc. are polluting the soil and water of rivers and canals. We take the smoke of mosquito coil and aerosols with our inhalation. We use the artificial cosmetics, colours and herbals which reach to the different parts of our body with blood circulation. On the other hand, the roduced carbon dioxide on production of heat or energy go to air and contribute to the increase of the temperature in our atmosphere.

We know, excess use of chemical fertilizer causes harm to the plants even may cause them to die. Similarly, carbon-mono-oxide gas which is very harmful for human is produced on burning of wood or coal with limited supply of air. Excess doses of medicines may even cause people to die. Therefore, it is clear that for good results, the recommended uses of chemical substances are necessary and that can be ensured only by thorough understanding of chemistry.

On the other hand, one can be aware of the risk factors and hazards of various chemical substances from studying chemistry which can build up us as conscious citizens. Along with this we, the users and manufacturers of various products can play important roles in protecting our society and environment by ensuring the proper uses of such products through quality assessment. Therefore, it is clear that, it is very important for everyone to have some knowledge of chemistry. So read chemistry attentively.

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