Importance of physical education in daily life

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Physical education has a great role to keep fit our body. It maintains and develops good co-ordination between body and mind. Any kind of education is not complete without physical education. It plays a vital role to inculcating those qualities into people which help individuals to grow as healthy, emotionally balanced and responsible citizens. The man loves recognition by the society. It is the recognition through an individual’s personality is developed.

Our body is a combination of some organs. Again each organ consists of different types of muscles, Physical Education, Health Science and Sports bone, artery, vein. In order to keep the body fit a number of systems are functioning inside the body. Physical fitness is must to keep these systems functional. As a result lack of balanced nutrition, lack of necessary physical movement, and required rest and steep the body does not develop properly and fails to keep fit. In fact, modern education puts equal emphasis on physical and mental development. The necessity of physical education at school is mention sequentially. A school is a social institution, so, a school is committed to the society and the country for social conservation, social reforms, and positive social changes. The school is responsible for proper development of human resource to develop the children of today as the good citizens of tomorrow. In this respect, the school plays dual roles. First, the prime duty of the school is to help young students develop their personality, it includes physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the students secondly, the schools help the students transform biological entities into social ones. It includes the development of character, social values, and social adjustment. Out of these two tasks the first one is direct responsibility whereas the other one is the indirect responsibility of a school. Physical education is necessary for all round development of a student.

According to Maslo these needs of a student are divided into three stages.

1. Biological needs

2. Psychological needs

3. Social needs.

1. Biological needs

Physical education has a direct contribution in fulfilling a student`s biological needs. In this respect, the role of physical education is as follow as -

Physical education fulfills the biological needs of quick movement of the body by students.

a) It develops immunity of students

b) Students acquire expertise in sports through learning skills of various games.

c) Physical education develops a sound body for a sound mind.

d) It makes a beautiful and strong physical structure as a student.

e) It develops physical ability and capacity of students

2. Psychological needs

a) Physical education builds a mental and intellectual foundation of children.

b) It removes monotony and boredom of everyday life as students.

c) It develops the character of students

d) It develops self-awareness, self-dependence, self-realization and self-respect among

the students,

e) It helps student adjust with the environment

f) It develops a sense of creativity among the students,

g) It keeps students away from harmful addiction

h) It helps students choose the means of recreation and enjoy pass-time

3. Social needs

a) It develops to build up the leadership qualities.

b) It makes the students familiar with social norms and culture

c) It prompts national and international fraternity

d) It creates a liberal attitude and sense of social responsibility among the students.

e) Physical education helps students to develop co-operative attitude through

f) It helps developmental qualities which reflect social relationship through game &


Aims of Physical Education.


Why should we take Physical Education?

The main aims of physical education is all around self-development of an individual and creating a sound mind in a sound body. The main purpose of physical education is to help children grow naturally through amusement and games and sports. So that they become active and capable individuals. The aim of physical education is the optimum development of the physical, socially and mentally integrated and adjusted individual. This aim can be achieved through participation in selected sports, rhythmic, and gymnastic activities conducted according to social and hygienic standards.

According to Williams - “The aim of physical education is all round development of personality through the development of physical social and other areas of an individual.”

M.G. Mason and A.G.L. venter said about the aim of physical education as follows-

1) To help children live a healthy life.

2) To help children flourish their creativity and talents.

3) To help children grow socially.

4) To stimulate moral, emotional, mental and cultural qualities.

5) To develop leadership qualities through sports.

From the opinions of physical education as discussed above it can be concluded that the aims of physical education are very similar to that of general education. It also stresses on optimum development of personality through participation in systematic and guided games and sports and similar activities.

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