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All kinds of games are helpful for kids physical exercise which is very helpful for their growing up and body fitness. I have tried to write here some game rules and regulations so that small kids can know easily about that game and play properly. In this article, I have written about Jump for kids. I have also written about   Football, Badminton for kids, Volleyball, Handball for kids, Learn Sports: Hockey, Basket ball for kids and so on.

About Jump

kids Jump is a natural and spontaneous expression of human life reveals in games and sports. A child grows in infancy gradually through playful activities. These activities include the free movements of the child. In course of time, he-takes part in various kinds of activities relating to games and sports. Active and healthy body is very much essential for performing the activities of games and sports. We know that our body is formed with different kinds of organs. These organs are developed properly and proportionately when these are exercised in a regular and systematic manner. The agility of the different limbs of the body, physical and mental fitness are achieved through physical exercise and games and sports. It is to be noted that the physical growth of the organs of the body accelerates during infancy. As a result, co-ordination between muscles and nerves does not happen sometimes. In order to remove this maladjustment of co-ordination among the boys and girls, they are required to take part in games and sports largely. So, everybody should be involved in games and sports for building a beautiful life in the future. These activities will help them achieving a disease free active body.

So every kid play various kinds of games. Jump is one of the popular game of them. there are two kinds of jump for kids. Now I shall discuss this two kinds of the jump.

There are two kinds of jumps

1. Long Jump
2. High Jump.

1. Long Jump for kids

Preparation for long Jump

The athlete is to prepare himself for the long jump beforehand. He will do certain specific exercises for warming up his body. This will help him to get prior physical and mental preparation.

Rules regarding long jump:

1. The athletes will take the jump from the take off board by pointing his left or right foot on it as per convenience. In doing so, he is to start running from a distance of about 16 to 20 steps away from the board.

2. The length and breadth of the take off board are 1.20-1.22 m and 20 cm. respectively. The height of the board is 2 mm and it is painted white.

3. The high speed of the approach run helps the athlete to cross a good distance.

4. Landing will be on both feet simultaneously.

5. Both the knees will remain folded like the Bengali alphabet of “`” at the time of landing. But care should be taken so that the chin may not get hurt with the touch of the knee. The head will lean forward to gain maximum distance.

6. Jumping pit- It is a sandy area where the jumps are accomplished. It is about 1-3 meters away from the take off board. But the distance from the takeoff board to the last end of the jumping pit is 10 meters. The breadth and depth of the landing area is 2.75-3.00 m and 30 cm. respectively.

Important Techniques of Long Jump:

The techniques of long jump has four parts namely (a) approach run, (b) take – off, (c) flight in the air, and (d) landing in the jumping pit.

1. Approach run - It is very important to take a run with very high speed to accomplish the jump from take off board. In order to put the foot right on the take off board, an athlete is required to practice his approach run very hard so that his
left and right foot get placed on the marks made on the ground before hand.

2. The take-off foot will push the take off board very hard with the object of gaining height upward. The knee of the take-off foot will be bent a little at the time of the push. It will be straightened then and there and at the same time, the opposite foot will follow this foot in front.

3. Flight in the air – With a view to raising the body upward, the knees will be tucked near the chin and will make a hitch kick in the air. The athlete will then land in the pit by making his hands a big swing forward.

4. Landing - As soon as the feet will touch the sand of the pit, the athlete will make a jerk of his body forward so as to cover maximum distance.

2. High Jump for kids

In high jump, there will be a landing area measuring 5 m x 3 m x 60 cm (depth).

The crossbar will be 4 m long, will weigh 2 kg. and radius will be 29-31 mm. There are several methods for the high jump. Three methods are discussed below:-

a. Scissors cut:

1. Approach run – The athlete will take a run towards the crossbar by making an angle of 300-450 degree. He will take 8-9 big steps to complete the approach run. The 2-3 last will be faster than the previous ones.

2. Take off – He will place his takeoff foot around one foot away from the cross bar. His opposite leg will make a hard kick from the ground to raise his body upward.

3. Clearance of crossbar – The kicking leg will be brought upon the crossbar in a folded position and at the same time, the take off will follow the kicking leg. The body of the athlete will be over the crossbar like a sitting position.

4. Landing- Landing will be done on both feet. But the kicking foot will touch the jumping pit first.

b) Belley roll:

1. Approach run – The athlete will approach the crossbar with a 450 angle and in this approach run, he will take 7-8 big steps of which the last 3 steps will be quicker than the others.
2. Take off – The take-off foot will be around one foot away from the crossbar. The other foot will make a powerful kick.
3. Clearance of crossbar – When the waist of the athlete will come over the crossbar, he will roll his body. His belly will be very close to the crossbar at the time of rolling.
4. Landing – The opposite leg of the take off foot along with two hands will land on the jumping pit.

c) Fosberyflop:

It is a new method followed by American athlete Dick Fosbery by name. He took part in 1968 Mexico Olympics and won a gold medal in the high jump after following this new method. From then on, this method was introduced after his name. This method has some specialties that the foot which remains away from the crossbar, is used to raise the body upward. The body lays horizontally on the crossbar and the back comes close to it. The great advantage of this method is that the center of gravity is required to be lifted a little to cross the bar easily. Since the athlete is to land on the back, a mat made with a sponge is essential to practice this method.

1. Approach run – The athlete will take the run with a 900 angle in a semicircular way. He will lower his center of gravity a little at his last two steps towards the crossbar.

2. Take off – The middle portion of the body will be leaned back and the kicking foot will be drawn in front of the center of gravity. When the center of gravity will come upon the take-off foot, it will be folded at the knee. The foot will then push the ground very hard to raise the body up. At the same time, the other foot will be down to the shoulder line. As a result, the back of the athlete will come over the crossbar.

3. Clearance of crossbar - As soon as the body will be raised leaving the ground, the two hands will come close to the body and the head, middle and low portion of the body is to clear the cross bar.

4. Landing – Landing will be done on the neck and the back of the athlete. In doing so, his hands and legs will go upward.

Dear Learners,

In this post, I have tried to uphold important rules of high jump and long jump very shortly. if you like this post then share your friends.

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