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What is kick?

– to strike, thrust, or hit with the foot.

Footballs win depends on kick. We can see in soccer or football, there are  5 kinds of kick. So it is very important to learn How to kick in football? Because this play depends on its kick.  Now I will discuss about this 5 kinds of kick. Learn football game appropriately by learning kick

1. Free kick:

Free kick is an opportunity to kick the ball without any opposition, that is given to one team when the other team does something wrong. We get free kick when the other team does something wrong. A goal can be scored from kick is called free kick.  A goal is not scored from a kick in indirect free kick.

2. Penalty kick:

Any player of defending team inside the penalty area commit any fouls out of those ten foul then opponents will get penalty kick.

3. Throw-in:

The ball crosses the touch line by the touch of any player then opponent team will throw the ball from that place which is called throw in. Throw in

4. Goal kick:

Goal kick taken by one team after the ball has been kicked over their goal line by the other team without a goal being scored when The ball crosses goal line outside of two goal post by the touch of opponent player. Then game started with a kick is called goal kick. Game started with goal kick taken from inside the goal area after ball crossing the goal line outside the goal post is known as goal kick.

5. Corner kick:

Corner kick a free kick that you take from the corner of your opponent’s end of the field. You will get a chance for corner kick when the Ball crosses the goal line outside the goal post by own team then opponent will get corner kick.

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