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Origins of Hockey:

Short History of Hokey

One kind of game was introduced like Hockey in the country of Persia, as far as knowing two thousand years before Christ. After wards, it was introduced France to Greece and Greece to Rome. The people of France have started the game named Hocket. Hocket means a stick of Shepherd it is a France word. Later on, the peoples of England learn this game from France they started the name of Hocke. According to the English pronunciation, this game is spread out the whole world in the name of hockey. The International hockey was included in the Olympic games in 1980. The game of hockey was included in Asian games in 1958. First world cup hockey competition was started in 1971. Bangladesh hockey federation was formed in 1972.

Lows of the Game Hockey:

1. The ground of hockey 91.41 meters (100 yards) in length and 55.0 meter (60 yards) in width.

2. All lines of the ground width are 75 miles meter (3 inches)

3. The bigger lines of the ground is called side line and smaller lines is called back line.

4. Shooting circle: A line will be drawn in 3.66 meter (4 yards) in length parallel to the back line away from the 14.63 meter (16 yards) in the field. Will be drawn a half circle & be connected those lines in both sides. A dot dot line will be drawn 5 meter away from the half circle line. The dot will be 300 mm in length and 30 cm gap.

5. Flag post : A flag will hoist in each corner in the field. The minimum height of the flag post will 1.20 meter and maximum 1.50 meter.

6. Goal Post : The distance between two goal post is 4 yards (3.66 m) and the height of the goal post from the ground to under the crossbar is 7 feet (2.14 meter). The colour of the rossbar and goal post will be white. The height of the back and sideboard from the ground in 18 inches. Length in the side board is 120 cm.

7. Net : Net will be connected loosely with crossbar, goal post, side board and backboard.

8. Ball: The weight of the ball is 156 gram to 163 gram. The circumference of the ball is 224 mm to 235 mm. The colour of the ball will white.

9. Stick : When stick comes out-easily inside 51 mm radius ring, it will be considered standard stick. The weights of the stick will not be more 737 gram.

10. Umpire: The game will be conducted by two umpire.

11. Players : Not more than 16 players in each team. The eleven players in each team will play during the game.

12. Duration of the game : The games will play two halves. Duration of each half is 35 minutes, Interval 5 to 10 minutes.

13. The start of play: The game is started with centre pass. At the time of centre pass the ball will be played either push or hit while a ball rounded one metre then ball will be considered as play.

14. Offside : There is are no offside in the game of hockey.

15. A player should not do -
a. The stick will not be lifted intentionally backward during play.
b. Any part of the stick will not be lifted above the shoulder during play.
c. The ball will not be hit, hook, charges of the opponent players by the stick.
d. Nobody will not hold the cloth or hand in opponent players.

16. The goal keeper will stop and hold the ball by hand.

17. A team will award a free hit

a. Attacking players is breaking the rules in opponent 23 meter (25y) area.

b. Defending player is breaking rule unintentionally with in 23 meter (25y) area in own half.

c. Any types of infringement occurred within 23 meter (25y) area by any players.

18. Process of taking free hit

a. Ball must be stationary.
b. The ball must have push or hit by the free hitter.
c. The ball will not play upwards intentionally.
d. Opponents players will stand 5 meter away from the ball.

19. When a team awarding a penalty corner : Any defending player unintentionally occurred any foul within 25 yards (23m) area or intentionally out of 25 yards area a penalty corner will be awarded opponent team.

20. Process of taking penalty corner:
Is taking penalty corner the ball on the back line in ten yards marks. This time others players will take position 5 yards away from the mark. Five defending players will stands on the goal line and backline. Who is taking penalty corner his one leg within the field and other leg will keep on the line.

21. When a team awarding a penalty stroke

a. When a defending player intentionally commits a foul on attacking player to prevent opportunity for scoring a goal within the circle.
b. To protect sure goal unintentionally foul by defending players within the circle.
c. At the time of penalty corner the defending players before shot comes forward again and again.

22. Process of taking penalty stroke- Penalty stroke will be taken 7 yards (6.40m) marking spot. All players will take position out side of 25 yard line except goal keeper and penalty striker. The ball will be played from the penalty spot only push, flick or scoop.

The basic techniques of hockey are-

(1) Hitting

(2) Stopping

(3) Pushing

(4) Flick

(5) Scoop

(6) Dribbling.

1. Straight hit : The ball put on left side in the body and hit the ball strongly to send directed towards goal it is called straight hit. At the time of hitting will be hold the upper part of the stick by left hand. Right hand will keep below left hand. There will no gap between both hands. Eyes on the ball.

2. Stopping: To bring the coming ball under full control is called stopping or trapping. Upper part of the stick hold by left hand and middle part of the stick will hold by right hand. The flat part of the stick towards the ball. Leg position will be side by side in separately. The body weight will be on the toes. Eyes will be on the ball.

3. Pushing: Taking time of pushing without sound and essential speed to contact the stick with ball sends forward by touching the ground and it is called pushing. Time of pushing the upper part of the stick will be held by left hand and middle of the stick hold by right hand. Left leg will be front and right Leg behind.

4. Flick: When a stationary ball or rolling ball push on the knee level height it is called flick.

5. Scoop: When a stationary or speed less ball cross over the head or air by the stick to hit under the ball.

6. Dribbling: Go forward with ball is called dribbling. It is very effective techniques to dodge the player and go forward to the opponent post.

How to play Hockey?

Hockey is the easiest game in the world. To play this game you should maintain this following rules strictly -

At first, you need some equipment. as- stick, ball, Water, Mouth guard, Shin guards, Cleats, Jersey/Uniform, Goalie Pads and Helmet (For the goalie), Extra Slap Shot Grip (Optional), Protective Gloves (Optional), Protective eye mask. You can bye this equipment from the market.

Then, Get a grip. With your left hand, grip your stick at the top with knuckles lined up and thumb pointing down towards the hooked bit of the stick, roughly aligned with the bit that's pointing up. Your right hand should grip your stick at a point lower on the stick that is comfortable to you. You should be able to stand with the hooked tip grazing the ground, the flat end facing out. Let all fingers grip the stick and practice going low into a crouched stance, and get somebody to show you how to Indian dribble. Remember that your left-hand does the guiding of the stick, your right hand is there for support.if you are left-handed it is the right hand handling most of the stick while the left hand supports.

Next follow this rules step by step: Take a stance. Left foot pointing front, right foot back support. Bend your knees slightly, aim for the ball, which should be in line with your left foot or slightly before it, but not ahead. It is important to remember to not bend your back so much as keep your KNEES BENT. Otherwise, you will be very sore the next day! Practice getting the edge of the flat side on the ground as a stop.

Trap the ball:- Most of the player put their sticks down, parallel to the ground, but remember that, with practice, you'll be able to just get behind the ball. To stop the ball, as it's coming towards you, move backward, to slow the ball before stopping it. Just keeping the stick still often means the ball will roll over the stick, and hitting the ball will often cause it to go haywire in a completely different direction.

Slap-shots:- choke your right and pretend you're playing cricket. Be careful though, sometimes the ball can go a different direction to the way you're intending it too if you're not experienced with hitting. Only hit the ball in a desperate circumstance, or when you're shooting for a goal post.

Pushes:- grip should be between that for a hit and a slap-shot; ball should be right in front of the flat side of your stick, which should be somewhere around your back foot. Transfer weight from back foot to front foot, lean into it and push. A push is often used for passing, as it is swift and easy.

Hook variation: place stick almost parallel to ground, hooked portion curving lovingly around the ball. Ball and hook end of the stick should be behind back foot. Transfer weight from back foot to right foot, pull hard then push in one smooth motion.

Hit it:- Move your right hand closer to your left hand as- up and down (but note: this isn't golf), the ball should be in line with your forward foot.

Flicks: hands in slap-shot grip, dig edge of stick beneath ball, much as you would toe scoop a soccer ball, lift and push, transferring weight from back foot to front foot.

Drives: Holding both hands at the end of the grip, like a golf club, bring the field hockey stick back until about waist-height, and swing into the ball with all force.

A large part of the game is endurance. Make sure you keep in shape by running about 3 miles a day in season, especially if you are a midfielder. This will allow you to run without tiring the length of the game. Remember you are not just simply running the whole game, but running and using your stick skills which wear you out just as fast

Enjoy it:- Your skills will improve as you play, and in order to play a lot to make sure you enjoy the game. Don't let yourself be pressured or stressed, and find a team you enjoy playing with.

Always mark someone (make sure they cannot get to the ball) especially when the other team is taking a free hit, and a shot on goal. When choosing a stick make sure it is the right size. You can do this by holding the sticks up next to your leg and seeing if it is at your hip. If it is, the stick is the right size. If it is below your hips then it is too small. If it is above your hip then it is too big. Just have fun! Enjoy the game and have confidence in yourself. Remember to always use the flat side of the stick. Practice a lot because practice makes perfect! Get stuck in! Don't let your teammates do all of the workings - it will be so much more fun if you get more involved too!

Always remember this tips:

Never stop the ball with your feet. This is never allowed. Make sure you are at least 7 yards away from somebody when they are taking a hit-out or a long/short corner not just for your safety but because of its a rule!! When tackling, do not hit the opposing person's stick. Touch only the ball. Don't EVER put your foot on the ball or stick as you may break your ankle. Kicking a hockey ball can seriously damage your foot; don't do it!! it is against the rules to use the round side of the stick. Do not hit the ball too high into the air, you will be penalized.

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