My special tips for viva voce only for the student and job seekers

Viva voce is very important for any kind of jobs it may any company jobs or govt. service. This is the final steps for the examinees. So do not neglect. Viva voce is a bug-bear to the majority of students and interviewers. There are many reasons for deeming it so. But don't be fair because it is not at all an object of fair. It is true that the questions to be asked are uncertain.
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The examiners have the right to ask you any question. It is impossible to answer every question asked by them. But remember that, they are a human being not a machine and most of them have genuine feelings or sympathy for you. They are not appointed to terrify you by terrible questions. They simply judge your awareness of the subject and want to know how you are fitted to acquire the degree.
The main purpose of viva vice is to test you how you can express what you have learned in the passing years, whether you are acquired with your subject or not, whether you have learned properly or partly, what experienced you have, you are qualified for this job or not, they simply judge your awareness of the subject, want to know how you are fitted to acquired the degree and your expression qualities. Suppose you know, but you can not express it.

If you fail to answer any question, you need not lose heart. Your promptness and preparation will be judged, no matter if you chance to miss answer any question. You should have the courage to say something and express it clearly. If you feel bored with timidity heart, you will forget what you know.

Always remember that- “Nervousness is the worth enemy of your power and expressing your idea.” So leave nervous and be courageous.”
You should also remember that viva board is not a tiger that eats you. They are open heated experienced men. So don’t be fear. Be smart but never smarter. Be courageous but mot audacious. You should have confidence in you. But above all, the questions preparation is of utmost importance. You should go to face viva with a blank head.
We have noticed that most of the students and interviewers blame the examiner for allotting poor marks. If you justify this, you will see that they haven’t well prepared and they can not answer any questions of the examiners. So it should not just or right to blame your examiner because they are not injustice. Remember that they are very experienced person. Remember that, if you really deserve good marks, they will nor, I hope and believe that you will take preparation for the viva voice well and you also get a good mark.
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A few words more, when you appear before the board, you should be well dressed. But you need not be snob but a young man with a taste makes a man. Behalf of a man showing your status as a student.

Here is an example of viva voce for the student of honors how you should behave before the interview board:
Student: (Salute them as you deem fit.) may I come in, sir?
Teacher: Yes, sit down. Take your sit. Sign here.
NB: Do not take your sit until their request.
Student: Thanks.
Teacher: Are you adequately prepared to answer the questions?
Student: Yes, sir. I shall try to answer your questions as far as I can do.
Teacher: Which subject do you prefer Mohi Uddin?
Student: As You Like It.
Teacher: Who is William Shakespeare?
Student: William Shakespeare is a great dramatist and poet of English literature. He was born on the 23rd April 1564 in Stratford on Avon, a prosperous town in England.
Teacher: When was “As You Like It” was published?
Student: ‘As You Like It’ was published in 1599 A.D.
Teacher: Who is your favorite poet?
Student: William Wordsworth.
Teacher: Why do you like him?
Student: I like him because he has brought a dynamic change in English poetry.
Teacher: Do know what is mean by dynamic?

NB: if you know the answer, Say “yes sir.” But don’t say : “yea”
If you don’t know the answer, Say “I’m sorry sir.”
If you do not the questions of the examiner say “Pardon me sir” but don’t say “Please repeat again, sir”

Student: I’m sorry, sir, I don’t know the answer to this question. You can ask me another question, please. (You can ask me next question please)
When your test will be over, leave the room politely. But be very particular about your first impression because remember that “The first impression is test long term”

Dear reader, Remember that this is an example of viva board. Take preparation well in your subject and go to viva board with confidence.
Wish you best of luck

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