What is knowledge world?

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Let's we know about Knowledge World. We all know that our world is a wonder. it is full of vast knowledge. In this website, I shall try to discuss on knowledge of universe for the students. Now Let me discuss on Knowledge World

What is Knowledge?

Knowledge: Man has an unquestionable thirst to know the unknown and to see the unseen.  So, he or she gathers general knowledge in various topics. Once there was a time when a man only did it to fulfill his/her curiosity but today one has to do it to build up his professional career. In this recent days, most of the countries of the world. So Lets we know what is knowledge?

Knowledge, simply to say, has originated from the word Know. When anyone starts knowing one thing after another about something, he/she starts his journey to knowledge. Indeed man’s life on the earth is a journey to gain knowledge.

What is World?

World: World is a complex united whole regarded as resembling the universe. Earth, the third planet in distance from the Sun in the solar system, the only planet known to harbor life, and the “home” of human beings. From space, Earth resembles a big blue marble with swirling white clouds floating above blue oceans. Almost 75% of Earth’s surface is covered by water, which is essential to life. The rest is land, mostly in the form of continents that rise above the oceans. In a word we can say that, the world the Earth and all the people, places, and things on it.  

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What is knowledge world? 

or,  What is the world of knowledge?

World of knowledge is a kind of world from where people can gather all kinds of knowledge. Our world is full of various kinds of knowledge. All kinds of people cannot gain this it. Only a few people can gain this. As for example, we can say the name of Kazi Nazrul Islam, He was not an educated person but his writings inspiring us still now. When he was a student of class nine, His poem was published in graduate level books. Think deeply about his power of knowledge. We go to school, college, or university to gather knowledge. A boy of class nine's writing read university student.   He gained him it from this knowledge world.

About this Knowledge World

This world is full of knowledge, ancient people did not know it and they had't no hid about this world of knowledge. Because they were always busy with their surviving. But now a days all kinda of people are aware of this Knowledge World, All philosopher, thinker, scientist, sociologist are deeply think about this.

We have created a E-Knowledge World from where a student to advanced learner can learn, subject wise course plane and general knowledge. E-Knowledge World means Electronic Knowledge World. Now a days electronic media is being very popular and people love to use this media invented by telecommunication system as - Computer, laptop, mobile phone etc. We have created this website with a view to increasing your knowledge. You can learn subject wise course plane in various kinds of subjects and General Knowledge in various topics from this Knowledge World.

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