Every school need an effective Teaching

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In the times of our grandparents, taking coaching classes was considered to be a shameful thing. A student who wasn’t good at learning used to take these. But as times are changing, taking extra coaching has come into vogue and those who do not take it are considered dull. Students proudly take coaching classes and boast about how expensive theirs are. They make comparison on the kind of coaching they’re spending on. The point is that is this the right attitude?
Let us find out.

Coaching Centres

What most parents complain about is that their children are not learning anything in schools and that is why they have to spend exorbitant money in coaching classes. There’s a mushrooming of coaching centres in residential areas and people are fed up of the constant nuisance created by them. The whole point is why children are not learning anything in schools that they have to take resort to these. There must be some problem with schools.

Rishi Public School

There are numerous schools in Delhi-NCR especially Gurgaon because it offers ample spaces to build huge schools. But, not all of them are great. Since the teachers are not able to pay attention to so many students in one class, all students don’t get to understand what she’s teaching. If they ask questions, they are reprimanded because teachers don’t have so much time to focus on each students’ questions. One of Gurgaon’s best school is Rishi Public School which does not pressurize its teachers and offers them a helping hand in making the learning process a genuine feeling. The students there pay attention in the classes and ask a lot of questions. In other schools which are not Gurgaon’s best schools, the students ask their parents to get them into coaching classes because they are not able to understand anything in their classrooms.

There are several institutes which offer coaching for IIT entrance exams and these coaching centres are actually good after charging hefty amounts. If teachers were less pressured, and allowed to focus simply on teaching then they would obviously do better at their jobs. The reason behind this is that teachers are made to do extra work like preparing the students for co-curricular activities, do bus duties and some other extra work which they are not supposed to do. Work pressure hampers productivity and one needs to focus more on quality. Where there’s no quality, there’s no respect. So the schools need to pressurize their teachers less and make them focus only on teaching. This way the teachers will be able to cater to all the students and they won’t have to take coaching classes. In Rishi Public School everyone is happy and takes their work seriously. 

Government’s take on it

There are several illegal institutes also which have opened up and the residents around that area fear that this might lead to crowding of the area and other illegal activities. They have approached the government regarding this and the court has imposed a ban on such institutes. Still, they keep popping up and it is hard to keep a control on their growth. The government needs to ensure that any institution that comes up should have a certificate by the government and it should be made mandatory that the persons who are taking admission in any institute should carefully see the certificate issued by the government to that institute and then take admission. This way such illegal organisations won’t be able to thrive and make money.

Also, the government should take measures to lessen the pressure on teachers so that they are able to provide quality education to each of their students. They should ask schools to hire extra persons for extra work and not pressurize the teachers and make them stay back at schools or ask them to work on Sundays and other holidays.


So we need to keep this in mind that even though some institutions offer great services at hefty prices, we should try to learn everything at school. We should ask our teachers for guidance even if he/she is not able to give personal attention. If we go and ask them for guidance they will definitely help us. So let’s try to stop the rapid growth of these institutes and learn things through our own initiatives. This way we’ll be able to learn better and make a good future for ourselves. Such institutions do not bring about our calibre but let it down and also rob us of our money. 
Coaching institutes are a strict no. This will help save us time and money and we can focus our time on personal growth and communication. Take help from school teachers and ask your parents if there’s a problem. You elders are there to solve it.

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