Kitchen markets

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Know about Kitchen markets of Bangladesh

Know about Kitchen markets of Bangladesh

In essay writing tips lesson I have showed you what is essay and how to write essay easily. Here I have selected a topic and tried to write. My topic is “Kitchen markets” Now read very carefully and see practically how to write an essay.

Kitchen markets are places where people buy their daily necessities, particularly meat, fish, vegetables, etc. We have them everywhere whether we live in rural or urban areas. In a big city there are a number of such markets. As most of the items are perishable, we need to buy them daily.

Those who have fridges can avoid the trouble of going to kitchen markets daily. These markets are usually overcrowded. People push against one another or elbow their way. They are also usually dirty. Your shoes and clothes invariably get soiled and there are bad smells all around. Things get worse during the rainy season. Parts of the market are full of puddles. The drains are chocked. These markets are extremely noisy too because you have to haggle when you buy things.

Prices are not fixed. You have to bargain and you are likely to get cheated. When you get home, you find yourself tired, wet and soiled. you may find the fish rotten and the meat full of bones. The shopkeepers are clever people. They do not hesitate to sell their bad items first. Because the shops are overcrowded, you have no chance to pick and choose.

We can avoid this problem of going to these nasty, overcrowded places by setting up shops in every street. People can buy their daily necessities from these shops easily. In big cities we have supermarkets where you can buy essential goods from the same shops. The supermarkets have different sections. The items we buy from kitchen markets are available in one of the sections.

It is clean and some of the items like fish and meat are frozen. The prices are fixed. It is very convenient to shop in the supermarkets. But the prices are high. They are beyond the means of common people. They have no alternative but to do their daily shopping in the nasty, noisy and overcrowded kitchen markets. As the saying goes what cannot be cured must be endured.

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