Life History of HAZRAT ABU BAKR (R.)

Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.), the first khalifa of Islam was born in 573 A.D. in the Tayim class of the famous Quraish tribe of Makkah. His real name is Abdullah while his laqab (title) are ‘siddiq’ and ‘Atiq’. Right from his early years, he had cultivated intimate friendship with the Holy Prophet (S.). Among the adult Muslims, he was the first to have embraced Islam. He used to keep constant company with the Holy Prophet (S.) in weal and woe, dangers and depression. He spent all his resources in the battle of Tabuk.

Such an example of spending all means for the erection of truth and justice is very rare. Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.) had deep faith and confidence in the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.). No sooner had he heard about the events of Miraj (ascension of Prophet (S.) to Allah’s court above) from the Prophet’s holy mouth, he believed in them unquestioningly. So he was styled the most faithful. Such complicated issues as the election of khalifah after the Prophet’s (S.) demise, his funeral, and burial, his successor etc. were rightly settled by means of the Prophet’s precepts as reported by him. As a result, the Muslim community escaped an inevitable crisis and disorder.

On his election as Khalifah he addressed the crowd thus— “You shall obey and follow me as long as I obey Allah and His Rasul (S.). And if I tread the wrong path you shall rectify me. Those poor among you are really strong to me as long as their rights are not restored. And those who are strong, they are weak before me till the share of the rightful claimants is not realized from them. The reign of Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.) is an ideal example for all rulers of all ages. Some problems cropped up in the Islamic State following the Holy Prophet’s demise. Some arose as fake Prophets, some refused to pay Zakat, still, others renounced Islam. Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.) confronted them very firmly and saved Islam and the Muslims from an expanding crisis. We likewise should conduct the state-affairs with firmness and sagacity to save the land and nation from disorder and chaos.


Many memorizers (Haffaz) of Al-Quran embraced martyrdom in the battle of Yamama. As there arose an apprehension of the extinction of Al-Quran, he gathered scattered portions and had them bound up in book form. For this epoch-making successful measure, he has been styled as the ‘Savior of Islam’. Even after his election to the post of Khalifah, Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.) used to carry on his private trade. He used to earn his own bread.

Subsequently he used to accept meagre allowance form the Bayt-Al-Maal (state treasury) only on persistant request and pressure of the community. in spite of being the Khalifah of the Muslim state, he showed such caution in spending the state resources as deserve be to models for imitation by all kings, monarchs and heads of states.’, ‘HAZRAT ABU BAKR (K.) the first khalifa of Islam. Now lets we know about another models of Islam Hazrat Umar (R.), The Second Khalifah of Islam  and  Hazrat Uthman (R.) The Third Khalifah of Islam.

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