Hazrat Umar (R.), the second Khalifah of the Muslim world, was born in the Addiya clan of the Quraish tribe in the city of Makkah in 583 C.E. The name of his father is Khattab & that of his mother is Hantama. He was educated, polished & of honest disposition. In his youth he was a wrestler, brave warrior, poet & orator.

Hazrat Umar (R.) Conversion To Islam

In the early phase Hazrat Umar (R.) was an arch enemy of Islam. One day he was on his way with an open sword in hand to kill the holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.). On the way he came to know that his sister Fatima & her husband Sayid had become Muslim. He reached their home in order to kill them and assaulted them severely. He forced them to renounce Islam but they would better die than give up Islam. Such rigidity on their part moved him differently. He became restless to embrace Islam.

He reached to the presence of holy Prophet (Sm.), put his sword by his feet & said, “Is the invitation you are offering true?” The holy Prophet (S.) said, “Yes.” Then & then Hazrat Umar (R.) embraced Islam & said, “No secrecy anymore; from now onwards let us offer Salat openly.” The holy Prophet (S.) became highly pleased & gave him the title ‘Faruq’ meaning one who differentiates between Truth & falsehood. He accepted Islam in the 6th Hijri year at the age of 33. Hazrat Umar Faruq (R.) was a dedicated servant of Islam. He ungrudgingly spent his riches for the preaching & spread of Islam. He offered in the way of Allah half of his total wealth for the Tabuk expedition. We too shall be bold like Hazrat Umar Faruq (R.), tread the right path & speak the truth.

Upright Judge OF Hazrat Umar

Hazrat Umar Faruq (R.) was the personification of fairness & justice. On legal issues he would never discriminate bctwecn rich & poor, high & low, friend & foe. He punished his own son Abu Shahma very severely for the offence of taking wine. l-lazrat Umar Faruq (R.) was democratic-minded. Fle used to consult the companions of Rasulullah (Sm.) important on political issues & attached importance to their opinions.


After his assumption of the charge of Khilafat in 634 C.E. Hazrat Umar’s human qualities became more glowing. He would remain very alert in respect of what is true & what is false. He set up the department of police & espionage for gathering information about the condition of all subjects. For better discipline he made provision for compulsory leave of soldiers after every four months. lie arranged for digging canals for agricultural development. He used to roam about in alleys & lanes in the cover of darkness to see for himself the conditions of the people. On hearing the cry of hungry children he personally carried flour to the poor woman’s door-steps. He took along his wife to a nomad’s tent to help his wife in her childbirth. No such benevolent ruler can be found in all the history of kings & monarchs. Benevolent Hazrat Umar (R.) was the great model of equality & humanity.

He introduced the provision of receiving public complaints against government officials on Friday at Jumua prayer time. Taking advantage of this a man lodged a complaint against him (Khalifah) saying that while none else could have one shirt made out of the cloth distributed from the Baytul Maal, how come that the Khalifah himself has put on a shirt made of it. Abdullah (R.) the Khalifah’s son thus replied on behalf of his father, “I offered my share of the cloth to my father & so my father has a full shirt made for him.” In our country too the government employees would be as well upright if provision can be introduced for ensuring accountability. Hazrat Umar (R.), the second Khalifah of Islam.

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