What is English Grammar?

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Lets we know about English grammar

The older idea of Grammar and its origin.

The word “Grammar” originated from the etymology of  Greek  “gramma”, writing, a letter, and from an effort to build up a treatise on English grammar by using classical grammar as a model.

What various opinions writers on English grammar have given in answer to the question, What is grammar?

The answer to this may be shown by the thus –

Definitions of grammar

According to WHITNEY - English grammar is a description of the usages of the English language by good speakers and writers of the present day.

A description of account of the nature, build, constitution, or make of a language is called its grammar. - According to MEIKLEJOHN.

Grammar teaches the laws of language and the right method of using it in speaking and writing. - According to PATTERSON.

The English word “grammar” relates only to the laws which govern the significant forms of words, and the construction of the sentence. – RICHARD GRANT WHITE.

Grammar is the science of  letter; hence the science of using words correctly. –ABBOTT

These are sufficient to suggest several distinct notions about English grammar–
(1) Grammar makes rules to tell us how to use words.
(2) It is a record of usage which we ought to follow.
(3) It is concerned with the forms of the language.
(4) English has no grammar in the sense of forms, or inflections, but takes account merely of the nature and the uses of words in sentences.

What is grammar?

Coming back, From this above discussion then, from the question,
What ground should grammar cover?
We come to answer the question?
What should grammar teach?

and We give as an answer the definition -

English grammar is the science which treats of the nature of words, their forms, and their uses and relations in the sentence.

In a word, we can say that -
Grammar is the rules by which words change their forms and are combined into sentences or the study or use of these rules

ExampleCheck your spelling and grammar.

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