What is Grammar?

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Grammar is very important for learning a language appropriately. Because we cannot learn any language without learning grammar for this Grammar is call the of a language. Grammar is a part and parcel of every language. It is a very important aspect and the element of that language. By grammar, we mean a set of rules of a language, which helps’ us to use the language in the correct form.

What is Grammar?

“So Grammar is the way you combine words and change their form and position in a sentence, or the rules or study of this .“

“Grammar is the rules by which words change their forms and are combined into sentences, or the study or use of these rules.“

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Importance of Learning English Grammar

Do you need to study grammar to learn a language? The short answer is “no”. If that language is your native language, then you do not need to learn grammar. You have seen that Children start to speak before they even know the word “grammar”

Remember that But if you want to learn a foreign language appropriately than the long answer is

“yes, grammar can help you to learn a language more quickly and more efficiently.” It’s important to think of grammar as something that can help you, like a friend. When you understand the grammar of a language, you can understand many things yourself, without having to ask a teacher or look in a book.

What is English Grammar?

If you want to learn English Language, then you must have vast knowledge in English Grammar. If you want to learn English appropriately then you must learn grammar. English language too has its own certain rules which must be followed. English Grammar helps us to learn the language correctly. The users of English language need to practice the language skills.

“English grammar is the science which treats of the nature of words, their forms, and their uses and relations in the sentence.”

“So English Grammar is the way that you combine English words and change their form and position in a sentence, or the rules or study of this.”

I hope, you have got the clear Idea about English grammar. You can Learn More English Grammar from here.

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