Antonyms / opposite words

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What is Antonyms?

A Antonyms is a word that has the opposite  meaning of the word

We know that Antonyms are words with dis-similar or opposite meanings. Here I have made a list of Similar words for you so that you can learn easily. So at first learn and then compose a sentence for each word in the pairs to illustrate the correct use of the words. This study will help you for struggling to expand or increase your vocabulary knowledge.

A list of Antonyms/opposite words

Main Word Antonym
Hide Reveal
Lovely Ugly
Anxious Calm
Violent Mild
Down Up
Cruelty Kindness
Reduce Increase
Scarcity Plenty
Refuse Accept
Alone Together
Absent Present
Coward Brave
Hopeful Hopeless
Alive Death
Primitive Modern
Wild Tame
Shallow Deep
Enemy Friend
Maximum Minimum
Adverse Beneficial
Right Wrong
Primary Secondary
Strong Weak
Harass Help
Fall Rise
Smooth Rough
Empty Full
Ascend Descend
Busy Free
Clear Hazy
Tragic Comic
Noisy Silent
Finish Begin
Wide Narrow
Mourn Rejoice
Cancel Approve
Tidy Dirty
Pleasure Pain
Addiction Devotion
Baggy Tight
Succeed Fail
Remember Forget
Sorrow Joy
Cool Hot
Delete Insert
Warm Cold
Higher Lower
Majority Minority
Conceal Express
Top Bottom

Antonyms / opposite words

Main Word Antonym
Ability Inability
Able Unable
Active Inactive
Agree Disagree
Allow Disallow
Balance Imbalance
Blame Praise
Careful Careless
Common Uncommon
Conduct Misconduct
Conscious Unconscious
Definite Indefinite
Depressed Cheerful
Discipline Indiscipline
Easy Uneasy
Essential Unnecessary
Expose Hide
Fit Unfit
Fortune Misfortune
Friendship Enmity
Happy Unhappy
Hazy Sunny
Honest Dishonest
Justice Injustice
Legal Illegal
Like Dislike
Literate Illiterate
Logical Illogical
Master Learner
Miserable Joyous
Mortal Immortal
Notorious Famous
Obey Disobey
Personal Impersonal
Pleasant Unpleasant
Regular Irregular
Responsible Irresponsible
Sense Nonsense
Social Unsocial
Stop Nonstop
War Peace
Wise Unwise
Innocent Guilty
Oppose Support
Reduce Increase
Failure Success
Lazy Active
Urban Rural
Join Resign
Admire Insult
Sell Buy
Fault Virtue
New Old
Educated Illiterate
Jolly Gloomy
Come Leave
Kind Cruel
Compulsory Optional
Defeat Victory
Early Late
Different Same
Open Close
Famous Unknown
Quite Partly
Abhor Love
Eternal Temporary
Simple Complex
Believe Doubt
Hard Soft
Harmony Conflict
Beneficial Harmful
Native Foreign
Normal Abnormal
Clean Dirty
Beautiful Ugly
Love Hate
Arrogant Modest
Brilliant Dull
Punctual Late
Monotonous Interesting
Generous Miser
Numerous Few
Accept Deny
Live Die
Brave Coward
Painful Pleasant
Actual False
Forgive Punish
Fertile Barren
Ordinary Uncommon
Pollution Purification
Question Answer
Good-will Ill-will
Continue Stop
Refuse Accept
Exclude Include
Dangerous Useful
Dark Light
Blessing Curse
Abolish Create

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