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For learning a language grammar and word are essential.  SYNONYMS SIMILAR WORDS is very important to know for applying appropriately. Every Language has a huge number of words like SYNONYMS/SIMILAR WORDS and ANTONYMS/OPPOSITE WORD. We should know this word. So in this lesson, I shall discuss about Synonyms or Similar words.

What is synonym?

A synonym is a word that has the same meaning

We know that synonyms are words with similar meanings -- but one synonym cannot always simply be substituted for another. And rules of word usage often dictate whether they can be applied in the same way. Here I have made a list of Similar words for you so that you can learn easily. So at first learn and then compose a sentence for each word in the pairs to illustrate the correct use of the words. This study will help you for struggling to expand or increase  your vocabulary knowledge.

Main Word Synonym
Alone Single
Adore Worship
Artificial Unreal
Struggle Fight
Properly Accurately
Precious Valuable
Enormous Huge
Defend Protect
Divine Heavenly
Box Container
Start Begin
Original Main
Recent Present
Particular Special
Often Frequently
Exhibit Display
Practical Real
Accept Take
Usually Normally
Include Add
Mercy Pity
Mystery Riddle
Marine Naval
Cause Reason
Proof Test
Harmful Dangerous
Skilled Trained
Seashore Coastal area
Option Wish
Zealous Eager
Method Process
Fortunate Lucky
Sick Ill
Regularly Daily
Hurry Haste
Produce Grow
Happen Occur
Secret Hidden
Utter Speak
Rural Rustic
Significant Important
Victim Sufferer
Exact Accurate
Familiar Well known
Famous Well known
Fashion Style
Foolish Absurd
Genuine True
Helpful Useful
Empty Vacant

Main Word Synonym
Brave Courage
Educated Learned
Gentle Modest
Help Assist
Omit Exclude
Passive Inactive
Prepare Make
Respect Fame
Terrible Horrible
Timid Afraid
Unfit Unable
Waste Ruin
Woeful Sad/Upset
Success Victory
Reduce Decrease
Forever For good
Available Sufficient
Independent Free
Concept Idea
Necessary Essential
Torment Torture
Virtuous Pious
Ensure Certain
Wrong Incorrect
Misfortune Bad luck
Provide Supply
Right Correct
Example Instance
Mind Psyche
Active Punctual
King Emperor
Bear Carry
Clean Pure
Elegant Beautiful
Sell Exchange
Invention Discovery
Alter Change
Dramatic Exciting
Farmer Peasant
Sincere Aware
Spiritual Religious
Student Pupil
Suddenly Abruptly
Surrender Resign
Town City, Urban
Wealth Treasure
Work Task
Develop Improve
Security Safely
Similar Same

Main Word Synonym
Good Well, Fine
Forgive Excuse
Hard Difficult
Fast Rapid ,Quick
Painful Generous
Real Actual, True
Principal Main, Chief
Short Small ,Little
Reject Deny
Adventure Remarkable
Valiant Courageous
Violate Neglect
Neglect Disregard
Expensive Valuable
Achieve Gain
Idle Lazy
Important Notable
Impact Effect
Complete Full
Absolutely Completely
Anguish Pain
Lead Conduct
Happiness Satisfaction
Ruin Destroy
Encourage Inspire
Common General
Proud Boastful
Increase Rise
Clever Braver
Baby Child, Infant
Near Close
Calm Quiet
Easy Simple
Bad Ugly, Evil
Progress Improve
Journey Voyage
Economic Financial
Experience Knowledge
Mission Aim
Natural Normal
Pause Stop
Basic Fundamental
Prevent Protect
Profession Occupation
Property Assets
Protect Save
Rough Harsh
Search Inquire
Massive Heavy
Miracle Wonder

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