Foundation of Physical Education

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Modern Physical education is a scientific and education-based effort for development of personality. Therefore the programs of education are developed on the basic of scientific theories and research findings. For the growth and development of children physical education program’s are designed according to physical, mental and social characteristics and needs of the children. For proper development and implementation of physical education programmers the Physical Education, Health Science and Sports knowledge about structure of human body etc functions and relationship of individual with learns and society is highly important. Scientific foundation of physical education have been built relevant knowledge of Biology, Psychology and Sociology.

1. Sociological Foundation:

A student through Physical education will acquire the following qualities To understand relationship of physical education with society.

b) To learn from society.

c) To be socialized through physical education.

d) To arose sense of social responsibility.

2. Psychological foundation:

Physical education bring physical, mental, behavioral, and social changes in individuals, None of this changes is possible without change of mind psychology is the science of mind. In order to bring any change in a man one has to know the mind in various ways. Here lies the relationship of physical education with psychology and education psychology. Educational psychology deals with applicable methods of teaching and learning.

3. Biological Foundation:

Biology is the science of life and live animal. According to biological sciences man like other animals was created in this earth through evolution. In the light of theory of evolution subjects like biological foundation of life, physical structure, and shape, physical capacity man-woman different, physical development etc are included in biological foundations of physical education.

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