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Green house is a wonderful house invented by modern science. It is very useful for us but it is harmful for our environment and our environmental ecological balance. Now lets we know details about green house , wonderful house of modern science.

What is green house?

Many of you may know what green house is. Green house is a house made of glass. Greenhouse is a building with glass or plastic roof and walls, used for cultivation and protection of tender plants and of plants grown out of season. Greenhouses are designed to control the balance of temperature, moisture, and light to suit the growth requirements for plants as diverse as orchids, cacti, tomatoes, and citrus trees. This house is used for planting trees in it. In cold countries, many plants die due to severe cold. To save and grow necessary plants in severe

cold green house is built. You know that glass is non-conductor of heat. Heat cannot pass through glass easily but light can pass through glass very easily. As the walls and the roof of green house are made of glass, light ray can easily enter the house through the glass. As a result the plants can easily grow inside the green house. On the other hand, outside cold cannot enter into it or the heat inside the house cannot come out. As a result inner side of a green house remains hot. The history of green house is very ancient.

Effect of Green house:

You know that sunlight and heat keep the earth hot. This light and heat come through the atmosphere and warm up the earth's surface. Again it re-radiates some of this heat back into space. For this the earth is not heated too much. Surrounding atmosphere of the earth absorbs some heat and as such the earth can not be very cold by radiating heat. If the quantity of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increased, the situation will not remain like this. At the time of radiation of earth's heat much quantity of it is absorbed by the atmospheric carbon dioxide. As a result of increase in atmospheric temperature, the heat of the earth also increases.

The inner heat of the green house can not come out through the glass and it remains hot. Similarly earth's heat can not pass through the carbon dioxide of the atmosphere. As a result the earth becomes warmer. The greenhouse effect has warmed Earth for over 4 billion years. Now scientists are growing increasingly concerned that human activities may be modifying this natural process, with potentially dangerous consequences. Since the advent of the Industrial Revolution in the 1700s, humans have devised many inventions that burn fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas. These atmospheric gases have risen to levels higher than at any time in at least the last 650,000 years. As these gases build up in the atmosphere, they trap more heat near Earth’s surface, causing Earth’s climate to become warmer than it would naturally.

In harmony with green house the scientists call this natural phenomenon greenhouse effect. The impact of greenhouse effect on human habitation is very dangerous. You know that vast ice is accumulated at the two poles of the earth all the time. If the atmospheric temperature increases, the polar ice will begin to melt and as a result the water level of the seas will increase. Most of the low-laying areas of the earth will go under water though at present these are dry. Moreover many islands, many coastal countries and cities will go under sea water. Most of the areas of Bangladesh will go under deep water of the Bay of Bengal. Lives and habitation will be endangered. But man is responsible for the greenhouse effect. You already know that enhancement of atmospheric carbon dioxide causes green house effect yet men are increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide in various ways.

We generally use firewood, coal, kerosene, petrol, natural gas etc as fuel. We get heat and energy by burning fuel but simultaneously burning fuel also produces huge amount of carbon dioxide. With the increase of population the use of fuel is also increasing. We are destroying forests by cutting down trees to meet the demand of fire wood and timber for various purposes. You know that the vegetation and forests play a very important role for maintaining the ecological balance of nature. Plants use huge quantity of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for their food preparation and release oxygen into the atmosphere. Due to this plant activity neither oxygen is decreased nor carbon dioxide is increased in the atmosphere. The balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in nature is maintained.


According to the environmental scientists, 25 percent of the total area of a country must be forest, otherwise, it would be difficult to maintain the natural balance. In Bangladesh only about 9 percent land area is forests. In 1974 the forest area was 16.7 percent but this forest is not sufficient for maintaining environmental balance. With the increase of population, this very small amount of forests is also decreasing day by day. Certainly the government has undertaken projects for extensive expansion of new forest areas. The expansion of forest areas cannot cope with the galloping growth of population.

If this situation prevails there will be no forest area in Bangladesh in near future. Scientists call this unnatural heating effect global warming and blame it for an increase in Earth’s surface temperature of about 0.6°C (about 1°F) over the last 100 years. Scientists project global temperatures to continue rising during the 21st century. Warmer temperatures could melt parts of polar ice caps and most mountain glaciers, causing a rise in sea level that would flood coastal regions. Global warming could also affect weather patterns causing, among other problems, prolonged drought or increased flooding in some of the world’s leading agricultural regions.

We use kerosene, petrol, diesel etc. as fuel of vehicles. Coal is used as fuel for running industries and production of electricity. These fuels are derived from fossils and hence these are called fossil fuels. As a result of burning of fossil fuels huge quantity of carbon dioxide is produced. Increase of population increases the number of vehicles and industries for which the quantity of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere also increases.
From this above discussion, you can surely understand that men are polluting the environment in various ways to fulfill their demands. If there is further population growth, more environmental pollution will occur. We all want to live in a pollution free environment. So we all have to be more active to check the environmental pollution. If we can control population growth, it is possible to check environmental pollution to a large extent.

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